Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fashion Buzz...

I'm only a fashionista-in-training, but I thought this week I'd round up some spring style buzz...

Out here on the West Coast, the baby doll dress (which last surfaced back in the late 80's) is everywhere. Because of the empire waist, this is a great look if you're smaller on top or if you've got a rounder stomach to cover. There are a ton of variations on the dress, knits, wovens, cool patterns, the works. And... you can pair it with leggings from Urban Outfitters if you don't have the legs to go bare in.

The best thing about spring style is shoes. I've seen cute flats, espadrilles, and even Converse topsiders worn with dresses and jeans. I love bright colored shoes that pick up some color in the outfit on top.

For makeup, retro rules. Surprisingly, blue and green mascara and eyeliner are making a comeback. Fun for nighttime, but not so much for day. Pink-pink lipstick is also hot and recently inspired a feeding-frenzy when several cosmetics company released limited edition pinks in NYC. Within hours, there were people selling the special retro pinks (Pepto-Bismal color) on EBay.

Sideswept bangs and ponytails/pigtails are still popular. Simple, elegant, or casual, the ponytail always rocks. Girls are wearing it a little to the side, but not full on sideways a la Chrissy from the retro show Three's Company.

Pigtails can look cute on most people, though on me they tend to give me a country-girl look, so I stick with the pony. Also, I throw in a sparkly barette for night time.

For accessories, it's cool to mix classic with trash-ic. Like a plain black tanktop with a fancy pearl choker. Or a nice fitted jacket with a sparkly cheap necklace.

My sister is a master at accessorizing the trashy-classy way. She'll wear a designer bustier with jeans and a pile of necklaces, including her fave -- a pendant of a bug trapped in lucite plastic. It looks awesome on her.

So what do you guys think? Are there any fashion trends you're sick of? Which ones look good on you and which do you skip?



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TinaFerraro said...

I just learned about the baby doll dresses and leggings this week. Not a style for me, but cute on others, and reminds me of the kinds of things I wore as a teenager.

I'm your basic jeans and pullover girl...go with traditional styles...but love seeing what's trendy on others.

Simone Elkeles said...

I'm not a huge fan of the frosty pink lipstick. And I'm totally not the fashionista, although I'd like to be one.

Some people are totally into shoes, and some are totally into purses. I'm a purse girl!

I do like wearing pink shirts, though.


stephhale said...

I'm not big on the babydoll dress look. I always think it makes people look pregnant no matter how skinny they are. I do like the jeans/bustier look, your sis sounds like a doll. Myself, I'm more of a t-shirt/jeans gal, very boring. I'm hoping to get a little hipper once my kids stop using my shirts for a Kleenex!
And I'm with Simone, I'm a purse girl! :)
ps- I LOVE that necklace you posted!

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Somehow I've avoided all the trends from 2007 :) I am still a skirts and dresses girl and whatever I'm wearing has to cinch in at the waist, so I love big belts :)

And yes, I love shoes and i think today might be the day I finally get a pedicure so I can pull out my sandals!

Me said...

When I was in college, my mom was sooo appalled that the 60s were back in fashion. "But I remember the 60s," she whined. Now, the 80s coming back before I've even hit middle age? That's appalling! =)

Funnily enough, I'm actually wearing pigtails today. They look horrid (because I popped them too high on my head) but it's a stay-at-home day so I didn't bother to change.