Monday, April 09, 2007

Contest! Create Your Own Cute Guy!

One of the greatest things about being a writer is creating your own world, characters and dialogue. You can live in the coolest town, yet never have to move there. You can wear the cutest clothes and never have to pay for them. And, you can create the cutest guys and have them fall in love with you.

Wouldn't you love to do that?

Well, now's your chance! For the next month, I'm having a contest to name a cute guy character in my upcoming sorority series book (#4 in the series) - SPRING FORMAL - A Sisterhood Novel.

All you have to do is post in the comments the name of your cute guy and a description of him. You can use a real name if you'd like or make one up. Remember, this guy should be in college, he must be terribly cute and he'll make an appearance in the fourth book of the series, along with the winner's name in the acknowledgements.

Simply post here in this thread for the next month or e-mail your thoughts to me at marley @ (no spaces)

Winning entry will be chosen on Monday, May 7th.

Isn't it great to create a cute guy? The possibilities are endless!!

Have fun!
Marley = )

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P.S. What I'm reading: SPEAK, by Laurie Halse Andersen. (A fellow Puffin author!)


Me said...

Ooh, great idea, Marley. (Did you post about this on other loops, groups, and MySpace?)

Hmmm, cute college boy, huh? Since I might want to use my personal faves in my own books someday, I'll give you a couple of my fave crush names from days gone by.

Brian Caplan
Joshua Byers
Michael Pierce

Can't wait to see who gets picked!

Marley Gibson said...

I posted on all the loops I'm on, as well as my agent's blog. Can't access MySpace from work, but will do that when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the entry!

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

Muckruck Fiddlebaum

TinaFerraro said...

Fabulous idea, Marley! And okay, I'd love to play:

Sleepy dark "fireside" eyes, touseled hair, and a half-smile that tells you he's either been up all night doing something bad--or plans to be tonight. And I'll call him Avery Kennedy.

Can we enter as many times as we'd like?

Anonymous said... boys...These are my personal favorites:

Scott Todd Williams
Jay Brandon Mitchell
Zach Boutell


Marley Gibson said...

Sure can enter as many times as you want. The more ideas, the better!

And remember, if you put an entry in, make sure you leave your name so I'll know who the winner is.

Marley = )

Wendy Toliver said...

Fun! Okay, here is my entry:

Chase Montgomery
6'1", nice biceps, dark blond longish hair, dark brown eyes, plays Lacrosse, loves Science, wears glasses when being studious, wears flip-flops in the winter.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Let's see, the first unique, cute-guy name that popped into my head is...


He has a rock-hard bod, plays lacrosse, and a wisp of light-brown hair that falls over his eye when he's running down the field. His eyes aren't the typical blue of a hottie college guy--they're hazel, and they will stare right into your soul so he knows what you're thinking.

I don't know his last name yet...


Teegan Zanter. hmmm, nah, too romancy...

Teegan Phelps... nah, too studious...

Teegan Collins...

and they call him TC... well, his lacrosse team mates call him TC... All the girls call him Y U M M Y!

OK, now I totally want one-- a nice hot little Teegan Collins!

And oh, I've got a contest going on over at Manic Mom's too, but yours is much, much more fun!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh, I just reread the comments and noticed that Chase Montgomery plays Lacrosse too!

Maybe they're best friends on the team.

Oh wait, you didn't ask us to come up with EVERYTHING for your book, now did ya?

Diana Peterfreund said...

I'm all about using names that aren't stereotypically cute boy names (please, I have cute boys named Malcolm and George!) so here are my suggestions:

Lyndon Reed. You can say he's named for the president. Tall and slender, like a runner. Maybe he IS a runner. He's in school on a hurdles scholarship. Reddish brown hair, likes to dance.


Ruben Streit, whose absolutely drop dead, Adrian Grenier style gorgeous.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Oooh, this is fun. I have to think. He should look like Oliver Martinez, sea-green eyes and coal black hair. Plus dimples. Plus be tan. And have a name like...Raul.

(I am HORRIBLE with names...sorry!)

alexgirl said...

Oooh, how very Weird Science of you! Sounds fun.
I'm not into the oily, muscly thing, so I'd make him more of a lanky indie boy--uh, kinda like I make all the romantic leads in my books. :)

Piercing blue eyes. A choppy, rocker 'do. He always carries drumsticks in the back pocket of his skinny jeans and taps them in the air when he's bored, kind of a cute, A.D.D. quirk.
And I'd call him Zach Daniels. Or Tug McCloud. Or Vaughn.
Good luck!

Katherine Hazen said...

Zach Harrington
Cody Townes
Miles Moore
Cory James

TinaFerraro said...

Just jumping in to say Tug McCloud sounds hot, both in name and description. Great characterization, Alex!

Anonymous said...

Tide Crimson
Alex Tucker
Chip Tucker

Canadian Boy - hockey player (of course) blond shaggy hair, blue eyes, 6'2", well built. He has a quiet, shy confidence but extremely fiesty on the ice. Has a ease to him that makes you trust him right away.

Anonymous said...

Zendleback Zigglystrum

Anonymous said...

Mike Gunn has spiky blond hair, hypnotic blue eyes, and a killer white smile. With his athletic build, he looks gorgeous in his Leaf's jersey and a pair of faded Levi's. Having grown up in Toronto, he's more familiar with ice hockey than BBQ, but he's quickly developing a fondness for Southern fried chicken, football, and a particularly cute sorority girl. His major is political science and he has career aspirations in foreign affairs. His one weakness is staying up way too late and falling asleep in class. The poor guy doesn't even own a pair of sandals, so the heroine saves him by taking him on an emergency shoe shopping expedition.

Feel free to mix and match, ;) but dibs on any of these great guys who don't get chosen!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I just read what I missed (mybad) and we already have a Canadian ice hockey player. Gee, wonder why? LOL

Jana Armstrong said...

Mine's the shy band geek-ish boy sitting beside in English Lit. He has sandy brown hair, preppy (but not too preppy) clothes, and beautiful handwriting. His name is Drew Jacobs.

What a fun contest, Marley! Good luck to everyone who entered!!

GeminiWisdom said...

I keep having this reoccurring dream about a French-Italian guy. His look seems to change a little bit every time, so I'm not going to go there with a visual. Or a name. Reoccurring dreams seem to be great writing material for me and it's apparent that his story needs to be told. HOWEVER, I can give you this:

Keegan Mallory
Dax Jericho

Looks like Channing Tatum (the main hottie from the movie "Step Up"). Does the sorority girl like a guy that has some serious dance moves?

Marley Gibson said...

These are all super-fantastic! It's going to be hard to choose a winner! Thanks!!!

Marley = )

stephhale said...

This is such a cute contest, Marley. Sorry to be on the tailend.

My boy's name is Andrew Stone. He's a Jared Leto look-a-like who like his last name implies is a hard nut to crack. He got burnt bad by a high school girlfriend who cheated on him with his ex-b/f. But when he finds the right girl to open him up his frosty exterior melts away.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, I can't pass this up.

I'm going to use my daughter's crush, but since I don't want to use his real name, I'll cross it with her old (and still kinda) crush:

Dean Erickson
Josh Patton

He's average height, very quiet and serious-looking, yet he bleaches much of his black hair blond, displaying hidden depths of personality. He's a very talented musician (guitar, drums, violin, singer) and when he's on stage, his charisma is palpable from the back row. What's more, he performs old, "geeky" songs like Sweet Home Alabama, the kind of thing kids nowadays screech at when their parents turn it on.

Lisa Asanuma said...

There's a boy in my classes right now whose name is so generic (and yet so perfectly sexy!) that I don't mind using his real one.

His name is Ethan Strong, and he looks just like it. He has broad shoulders, a surfer's tan, and light brown hair that's almost been bleached blonde by the California sun. His bangs fall over his eyes which are as green as can be and almost too beautiful to be on a man. He's athletic but plays guitar and has a songwriter's soul, so really the whole package is there.

Anonymous said...

Evan Drake. He's a pre-med student, trust fund baby and bad boy to the bone. Dark, dark hair, pensive blue eyes and abs you could bounce a quarter off of.

Marley Gibson said...

Wasn't Evan Drake the Tom Skerritt character on CHEERS way back when? LOL!!

Heather Davis said...

What a cute idea, Marley! You guys have some great suggestions!!!

My contribution...

Owen Graham -- bookish yet studly guy you pass in the hallway on the way to class. Dark hair, bright eyes, smart as hell. Oh, and he is always eating red licorice while he studies at one of the Bay-window seats in the library.

Marley Gibson said...

I don't know HOW I'm ever going to choose a winner! These are fantastic. = )

Marilyn Brant said...

Love this idea, Marley!

How about Timothy Tyler...6'0", black hair, fair skin, a hint of childhood freckles and a love of the bad-boy image: blue jeans, motorcycles and metal bands; hides his insecurities about long-term relationships (felt his parents divorce at age 9 was his fault) and downplays his interest in anything too literary (but secretly reads the classics).

Anonymous said...

This is a fun one.

A college guy with a relaxing style . Polo shirts, baggy jeans or shorts and sandals. Tan with a lazy smile and a bad boy attitude.
Tall with a nice bod! Into sports or likes to work out.

Jacob Sitz
Jared Farris
Josh Belle
Kyle O'Rourke
Chad Belton
Jordan Hagan

Good luck to everyone and me!!!!LOL