Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hot & Cool...Buzz

Hot = Elections!

No matter what your age or political persuasion, this is a very exciting year in politics. I love seeing girls and women involved as candidates, supporters, debaters and voters! Elections are hot!

And yes, I kind of have a crush on George Stephanopoulos. I watch his show every weekend...

For more election fun, check out Reese Witherspoon and Chris Klein in the classic teen movie Election. Oh, also, Chris is on the new CBS show Welcome to the Captain -- have you see it?

Cool = Girls Rock!

What could be cooler and more empowering than seeing girls aged 8 to 18 learning how to make music at a special camp in Portland, OR. This entertaining documentary is amazing and really talks about helping girls speak up and be proud of their talents, not just their looks. Real women in rock are the teachers at the camp.

Take your kids, take your sister (I did!) to the movie... or the camp! http://girlsrockmovie.com/

That's what's hot and cool in my world!



Heather Davis is the author of
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stephhale said...

I agree about it being such an exciting election year, Heather. And ELECTION is the BEST movie! I checked out Welcome to the Captain once but then kind of forgot about it. :)

TinaFerraro said...

Okay, Steph stole my comment!

I was going to say it's an exciting election year, and ELECTION is a favorite movie of mine.

However, I haven't see Welcome to the Captain, so she wins on that score. :)

Thanks for sharing these, Heather!

Marley Gibson said...

ELECTION is one of my top classics. Great movie! I love election time and I hope all of our readers will go our and exercise their right to vote!