Sunday, September 21, 2008

Savvy Shopping in Hard Times

YES -- the economy stinks!

This week, more than ever, everyone has been watching the crazy news from Wall Street (hugs, Marley!) and starting to worry about finances. Even my crush George S. spent most of his "This Week" show talking about the crappy economy.

But that doesn't mean you can't buy stuff. People occasionally need stuff -- even people on a budget. And that is why I am so psyched that our downtown Seattle H & M has finally opened!

H & M is my fave store for new stuff. Seriously, I pretty much stick to thrift stores, H & M, and the Nordstrom Rack for cute outfits. Usually I have to wait to travel to NYC to get my H & M fix, and now it's here in the Northwest! Very, very cool. If you still have back to school shopping to do, or need clothes for work, H & M has some deals -- also, my sister and I found GREAT sales at Old Navy.

Yay for sisters and shopping!

Since fall is really here (cue the rain) after a weird Northwest summer, it's a good time to take inventory of the closet and see what you need to supplement your wardrobe. And of course, give your cute things that you can no longer wear to charity --- or do a clothing swap party!!

Have you done one of these yet? You invite 6 - 8 friends and tell them each to bring a friend. Size doesn't matter -- with that many peeps, there should be something for everyone. Everyone brings a bag of stuff they love but can't fit anymore or that doesn't actually look good on them. This should be good stuff! Add in some snacks and beverages and a changing area -- and behold, everyone gets a new outfit or two and has fun.

Some people have everyone draw numbers for choosing order-- but I think I prefer the free-form method. Have you ever been to a clothing swap? What other fashion on a budget tips do you have?

Happy Fall!


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Anonymous said...

For bigger girls, I am fond of the Friday Sales Posts on the Livejournal Fatshionista community. I've found lots of cute things on there, from basics to higher end stuff that might have been over my price threshold to buy new. It's like a fat girl only garage sale every week!

TJ Brown said...

Heather! There's an H&M in Seaside on the Oregon coast and has been for several years. I know, how random right? But that way we get a berach vacation and shopping... and they have outlet stores!

TinaFerraro said...

Heather, what a great idea about clothes swapping! Several of my friends and I all shop at the same store, and pass things along that don't work for us--a blouse that got too tight after washing, a color that we decide we don't like.

Otherwise, I have heard about a website where you can "rent" designer purses. I don't know the link, but anyone interested could probably google it. What a concept!

Marley Gibson said...

Yes, Tina...there is a site like that. I think it's called Bag Borrow or Steal or something like that. It's a cool idea!

I love H&M! But my favorite is Kohl's. I cannot just walk into that store and look around. I have to leave with my hands full.