Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are You A PC?

I'm a PC and I Write Both Fiction and Software.

Are you on drugs, Dona? What the heck are you saying?????????

Check it out:

And another:

Microsoft unveiled these at our company meeting this year and I love them! One of my co-workers, Feng is in these.. the girl in red with glasses.

What do the ads mean? Worldwide, we have over 1 billion customers and they are all diverse and valued. This is why I love my can I impact so many people doing anything else?

So, tell me, are you a PC?


fablecamper said...

I was just wondering if somone could PLEASE read this and give me back some feedback Thanks:Rachel T.

Chapter 1:

Cassie was worried. She didn’t know what was happening to her, she didn’t know what to do about it. It all started one week ago. Cassie could remember that day perfectly. She could remember where she was: seventh period science class, what she was doing : writing in her yellow spiral bound notebook about photosynthesis, what it smelled like: sharpie markers, what song was currently blasting in her head: Shake It by Metro Station, and what she was looking at: first it was the words cascading from her pen to the notebook. Then it was the window, for every day after that for a very long time Cassie willed God to let her go back in time, to not look at the window. But Cassie looked, and what she saw looked ordinary; it was a man, if you could call him that, he was really just a teenager in college. He was standing in the street, which Cassie thought was a little strange. Then, he looked right at Cassie, Cassie could see his face turn from being bored, to that of pure awe. He started walking across the street yelling “You can see me? “over, and over, and over.

Then he was hit by a car.

TinaFerraro said...

Dona, I'm a PC and I think that commercial is cool!

Heather Davis said...

Ok -- well, I guess I'm a PC, although I do love my iStuff.

Fablecamper, it was brave of you to post your stuff, but we don't really do feedback on this blog. I hope you keep writing, though! Maybe you can find a friend to trade pages with (like Dona and I did) and then you guys can help each other out.