Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's the Spook-Spookiest Time of the Year

I. Love. Halloween.

It has to be my favorite holiday of the year. Think about it. No presents to buy. No day-long meals to prepare. No date-or-dateless worries. Scary stories. Lots of mini-sized candy. Plus, you get to dress up. And call me a total girl, but I looove playing dress up.

(I think boys secretly like playing dress up, too, but they have to act all cool like it's beneath them.)

Anyway, when it comes to costumes, I seem to do less and less in the way of clothing each year, and more in the way of makeup. My costume last year consisted of me dress in black with lots of glitter on my face and curlicued purple pipe cleaners in my hair.

So it stands to reason that enamored of those brilliant makeup artists who can turn a regular person into a fantasy with just a box of cake makeup and a few brushes. Here are some amazing examples I've culled from the internet (along with attribution, whenever possible—beware that many of these makeup artists also do body painting, which means there are some borderline racy images on their sites).

From Pashur at Canvas Alive:

From Jinny Make-up Artiste:

From Carolyn Roper:

If you want to really get your socks blown off, check out the latest Ben Nye catalog or Make-up Artist Magazine or search "bodypainting" on Flickr. Makes me and my glitter feel pretty pathetic.


OH. MY. GODS. (available now!)
GODDESS BOOT CAMP (coming June 2009)

PS—I'm holding a Halloween costume contest over on my blog. Prizes are my books and one of these. In pink.


TinaFerraro said...

Very cool, Tera. Especially that pink prize you're giving away...

stephhale said...

Those pictures are so cool! I can't do face paint though, it makes my face itch. :)

The Golfing Librarian said...

Gee, and I thought they only did this in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition! ;)