Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OMG, I'm Back!

Okay, so it only feels like forever since I posted here. Three weeks isn't that long. But it's amazing what all can happen in twenty-one short days. Here's a summary:

  1. I officially sold my third book to Dutton Children's Books. (It's a mermaid book tentatively titled FORGIVE MY FINS.)
  2. I found out that OH. MY. GODS. will be published in Norway and Sweden. Kul!
  3. My grandmother (on my mother's side) passed. She was 95 years old, almost 96. She had a well-lived life.
  4. I visited my parents in Oklahoma City. (Started The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones on the flight up.)
  5. I got tricked into working 15-hour days at the theatre to help my dad and the Oklahoma City Rep get ready to open their awesome production of The Laramie Project.
  6. My allergies went crazy in Oklahoma.
  7. I got an ear infection.
  8. I came home. (Finished The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones on the flight back.)
  9. My allergies went crazy in Texas.
  10. I bought mini-pumpkins.
  11. I got my galleys for GODDESS BOOT CAMP (which means there should be ARCs very, very soon)!

You might notice that there was no mention of pages written there. But, now that I'm home and ear infection-free that's all going to change and it will be all-mermaids all the time until I'm done. Really.

So, anything interesting happen to you in the last three weeks?!?


OH. MY. GODS. (available now!)
GODDESS BOOT CAMP (coming June 2009)


Heather Harper said...

1. Sorry about your grandmother. (Mine passed recently, too.)

2. Love FMF title!

TinaFerraro said...

My, my, TLC, how you rode a rollercoaster these past 3 weeks. Hugs again on your grandmother--and on your new sale.

Since you've been gone...let's see...I finished writing one book and started a proposal on another. Did a weekend in Phoenix. And a bunch of writing contest judging. Busy, busy, just like you!

Jessica Burkhart said...

What a crazy time! So sorry about your grandmother. But yay on the new sale!

stephhale said...

So glad you are back! I love that mermaid pic! Congrats on the sale!!


Heather Davis said...

Congrats on the Mermaid sale, Tera and hugs on the passing of your grandma. That's hard.

For those of you who follow astrology, tomorrow Mercury goes direct after being in retrograde for the last two weeks or so. Mercury retrograde always screws things up and makes things volatile. People get lost, buy things that break down, miscommunicate, etc... So, yay! Hopefully steady times are soon to come.

Big hugs, Tera!