Monday, October 27, 2008

Teen + Tina = Teena

I took some heat from the very scary Tera Lynn Childs last week for putting up “fake” high school photos. =) So without further adieu, here's a few I took from an album. But apologies for the quality, for not only are they from the dark ages, but they sat all those centuries inside a sticky page album, which, in the case of the outdoor shot, robbed the photo of most of its color...

Here, a photo booth shot at about thirteen:

Now, sixteen, and remember the top well--it was a favorite and take my word for the fact it was lavender--and the locket, which I loved, and probably still have buried in my jewelry box.

And here’s my yearbook picture from about a year later. I am wearing my friend’s blouse because for some reason, I decided the day before that I hated everything I owned. This was, for the record, baby pink, and I don’t think I returned it for months afterwards. (The friend and I are still very close all these years later, so I think she forgave me.)

Anyway, the slightly amusing story to this yearbook picture is that my head is much bigger than anyone else’s in the yearbook. Some yearbook staffer blew my photo up to crop out a hint of cleavage. Even the signature locker is mostly gone. Puh-lease!

Okay...everyone is now free to laugh at me. My wild hair, my baby face, and what’s up with my eyes in that yearbook pic? Except for Tera, who made me do this. She has to say something NICE. =)

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Marley Gibson said...

You haven't changed AT ALL!!! = ) Love the pics. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Marley is right. You look exactly the same! Only, now I think you are even prettier.


nyborn said...

Tina, thatnks so much for posting these pics of you and for bringing me back to a period where we had so much fun. By the way, you really, really have not changed, except for the hair. And this is a good thing (big grin). I think I still have that blouse somewhere lol

The Golfing Librarian said...

The true you comes shining through!
However, those pictures with the cat-eye glasses really got this librarian's dewey decimels all revved up!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Marley and Janie. =)

And to "nyborn" (who is one of my HS "besties") yep, in total agreement there that my hair has massively improved!

TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Chuck, yeah, I tapped into my inner geek in that glasses shot last week, huh? And you showed us some different sides to you, too... =)

Me said...

I'm not saying anything nice because you're making me ... I'm saying something nice because it's true. You look lovely in your pictures--lovely, as in so very pretty and like the kind of girl who was friendly with everyone. Not a pea coat or a combat boot in the bunch. And, like everyone said, you haven't changed. You're still exceptionally lovely. =)

(How was that for nice?)

C.R. Evers said...

You were such a cutie pie! And apparently a rebel as well! LOL!

Great pictures! I loved the fake photo's too. I had to do it too, which led to my most recent blog post. :0)


TinaFerraro said...

Tera, you are redeemed! In fact, I wish I'd known all you guys when I was a would have helped my self-image. :)

Christy, I don't think we can go as far as calling me a rebel...I was only a child of the times. And I'm now going to pop over to your blog and see your pictures!

stephhale said...

These pics are awesome, Tina. You look exactly the same! :0)

Wendy Toliver said...

Wow, I recognized you in a heartbeat. So pretty!