Friday, October 17, 2008

Early bird gets the worm or just spends more money?

Against my better judgment, I am starting my holiday shopping early this year. I've made lists, not just any lists, but very detailed lists cross-referenced with loved one's hobbies, interests, and the amount I'm allowing myself to spend. I've already ruined a few people's day by outbidding them on eBay. I'm dangerous.

We haven't even carved our pumpkins yet. Mr. Bones still gets molested daily by the neighborhood hoodlums. I wore shorts and had my A/C on the other day. So, why in the name of everything holy am I masquerading as Santa in October? I'm hoping that by getting a head start, along with my detailed lists, I might not spend as much. My alter retail ego knows better but I'm determined to prove her wrong.

The two most important (and expensive) people on my list are my two sons. Thankfully they have yet to beg for the $300 walking, talking triceratops that is so hot this year. Their list includes some trusted favorites like Tinker Toys and Lite Brites. I've also thoroughly researched digital cameras for kids that can withstand being chucked onto the roof. My oldest is getting the Leapfrog Tag Reading system so he can learn even more words on his own, which is absolutely the coolest thing to see. I hope my boys love to read as much as I do.

How about you? Do you start shopping in July or wait until December? Is there something special you want this year?

I got some very cool news late last night. ASPEN WON THE ASPEN! Revenge of the Homecoming Queen won first place in The Heart of Denver Romance Writers Aspen Gold Contest. I had some seriously tough competition; Shannon Greenland (The Specialists Series) and Jennifer Echols (Major Crush, The Boys Next Door). Congrats to my fellow finalists and a big thank you to all the judges!

Also, don't forget to vote for YALSA's Teen's Top Teen Award.
I'm so excited for YA author Alyson Noel whose novel, SAVING ZOE, was nominated! Good luck to her!

What I'm reading...Handbags and Homicide by Dorothy Howell



TinaFerraro said...

Steph, congratulations on winning the Aspen! How wonderful!

About early shopping, I set out to buy my editor/agent gifts early because they are the ones that most boggle my mind. Not saying what I got them this year, but it's done. :) Two years ago I bought them tins of The Queen's Tea from my trip to Buckingham Palace, and last year, autographed copies of Laurie Notaro's Xmas book (my favorite author, my favorite Xmas book, and when I found two autographed copies in a store in Phoenix, I did a touchdown leap).

Marley Gibson said...

Huge congrats on the contest win!! Whoooohooo!!

I'm afraid I can't even think about holiday shopping mainly because I don't want to rush the rest of the year. I think it'll be slim giving this year thanks to the economy.

Is it bad to give your book as a present? LOLOLOL!!

TinaFerraro said...

I meant to say Laurie Notaro is "one of" my favorite authors. I couldn't narrow that list to one any more than I could tell you my favorite ice cream flavor...

Me said...

Wahooooooo!!!! Congrats to Aspen on the Aspen (how awesome is that, anyway?!?) she (and you) totally deserves it.

Okay, my problem with early shopping is that if I buy things for someone early, then once the actual holiday comes around I might either: (a) forget I got them something already, or (b) feel like I need to get them something more. Maybe if I made your detailed list (I desperately want a Roomba, btw--haha) that would solve my problems.

Again, big big congrats!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Yay! Congrats on Aspen's Aspen!! And thanks for the Teen's Top Ten shout out!

I admire your early holiday shopping industriousness. I usually wait til the zero hour, then hop on the Internet and spend loads of $$ in overnight shipping.

I expect this year to be no different!

Jennifer Rummel said...

WOW. awesome news.
I adore Christmas and usually pick things up anytime of year, but especially if we're someone exciting. sometimes i can't wait and give out these things as birthday gifts, but it's all fun.

Jessica Burkhart said...

Congrats, Steph!! :)

Heather Davis said...

Cool! Congrats on the Aspen, Steph! And geez, with kids I guess you have to start early - that's why the Kmart christmas-layaway commercials are already playing here. I'll admit I do pick up a few things here and there, but I'm mostly a late December shopper. :)