Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today, I Am A Slacker

I wasn't going to post at all. I was just going to pretend that I wanted to keep the Valentine's contest winners up front longer... but guilt got the best of me.

So, instead of totally slacking, I'm going to point out the we Bees have just upgraded to the new Blogger template (yeah, I know it's not really new anymore). That means we can have our follow widget out there on the right (scroll down a bit, you'll see it) so that anyone who wants to can just click to follow us!

Also, I changed out our covers from a Flickr widget to Library Thing which is so much cooler and let's you go buy the book on Amazon just by clicking the cover! How cool is that? (You'll note that some of our covers--like Goddess Boot Camp, Never Cry Werewolf, and Ghost Huntress #2--aren't showing up. That's because they don't have covers on Library Thing yet. But they'll be there soon!)

I hope you enjoy our upgraded blog. (Now click FOLLOW! You know you want to!)


OH. MY. GODS. (available now!)
GODDESS BOOT CAMP (coming June 2009)


stephhale said...

You are most awesome to do this crap! I like the "these be the bees" ;)

TinaFerraro said...

Ditto! And the direct link to Amazon is way cool. It helps me check my numbers. ;)

Amanda Villagómez said...

This is off topic from your blog post, but the titles of your books reminded me of my students.

I can't wait to get OH. MY. GODS. for my classroom library. I am going to get it with my next Amazon order. I already have a couple of students in mind who will probably love it. A group of my students just finished reading The Lightning Thief as part of a book club. One of the girls who is fascinated with Greek mythology was making all these great predictions that all turned out to be true, except one - "I wonder if Percy has a crush on anyone?" At the end of the book she talked about how it was great, but she would have loved some romance in it:) I am sure she will love your book!

Me said...

Thanks, Mrs. V! There's definitely enough romance to go around in OH. MY. GODS. =) I hope your students enjoy it.