Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have the best blog day of the whole year today -- Thanksgiving in the US!

For a long time I was a vegetarian, so I spent all of high school and college eating just the sides at Thanksgiving. My dad did eventually start cooking some special souffles and things like that for me, which was very sweet. Still, to this day, I'm a huge sides fan. I'm sure I'll be eating more than my share of mashed potatoes this year.

Of course Thanksgiving is about more than the sacrificing of the birds and the smashing of taters. It's about being with people you care about, and reflecting back on your many blessings. Whether you are religious or not, Thanksgiving is a time to think about all you have and those you love. I'm no genius, but it's my duty as your Thanksgiving Day blogger to point these things out, guys.

As for me, I'm so thankful for my supportive family and friends, and for the wonderful year I've had with my debut novel at HarperTeen. Publishing a book was a dream I've had since the year 2000, so to finally hold the real, hardcover edition of my work was magical. I think back to those who said I couldn't do it, to the call from my agent saying we had sold the book, to celebrating the sale by myself because I was on my own for the first time in a decade, and flash-forward to the blessed life I have now (health, a job, a place to live) and the many friends and family that surround me. Even though our country is in a bad state, I'm proud that our government is trying its best to work it out. I'm grateful to all the service men and women who are in volatile places all over the world. I can't image the sacrifice they are making.

I'm especially thankful for the Buzz Girls, who've shared this blog with me for the last three years. True friends are there for you in the good and the bad times, and truly, these women have been there. Hugs to all you bees.
I'm also thankful to our blog readers (Yay, you!) who stop by to comment, enter the contests, and cheer us on. Thank you so very much. Lately, I've started to get a few "fan" letters from young readers, and that has been an amazing thrill. To know that my story and characters have resonated with you means so much, and it keeps me going.

What are you guys thankful for this year? Please let us know in comments today...

Love & Light,

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