Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turn it Up!

Years ago, I read an interview with Stephen King. At the time, audio books were few and far between, and he said he paid his (then teenaged) kids to read select books aloud into a tape recorder, which he then played back on his road trips. He said it paid off in two ways: for not only did he get to “read” more, but he made sure his kids did, too.

I have some history with my own kids and audio books, but it comes from the ones that we listened to on road trips.

One book, Cheaper by the Dozen, was such a hit that certain lines from it have become ingrained in our family history. Some, like All Creatures Great and Small, held us spellbound. Some (no titles need to be mentioned) bombed terribly, for one reason or another, often simply because they did not appeal to one family member.

This Thanksgiving, my family is off on yet another road trip. And being that my kids aren’t exactly kids anymore, and that our tastes vary wildly from science fiction to action adventure to romance, the decision wasn’t easy. But I fell upon what I hope is the perfect selection: an 11-hour collection of short stories by none other than Stephen King!

How about you? Any audio books that have worked for you individually, or as a family? And any books you wish was in audio version that presently is not?

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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Kate said...

Regrettably, I am a LOST CAUSE in the world of audio books. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying - I've attempted several over the years. But I have a habit of zoning out the moment I get in the car. It got so that I wasn't missing a few paragraphs here and there, but whole chapters. ;)

Marley Gibson said...

I haven't listened to an audio book in forever! Now I want to go to the store! = )

Unknown said...

My husband got me an FM transmitter thing for my ipod Touch, so I can play it through the speakers in my car. At the same time I learned how to download audio books from my library. So now I can get them for free! My kids and I (ages 10 and 8) just finished listening to The Wednesday Wars. It was awesome! Great way to get some books "read".

Janie Emaus said...

I'm have to say that I have never listened to an audio book. The closest I have ever gotten to a listening to a story is Peter and The Wolf!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks for your thoughts here, and Jill, yes, I have one of those cords for my iPod, too and it's great, huh?

Cara King said...

When my husband and I go on long trips, we often read to each other in the car. Funny books work best for us -- E Nesbit, Georgette Heyer, and the like. And recently we listened to the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio shows -- excellent car entertainment!


TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Cara, that sounds like a wonderful and fruitful way to wile the hours...

Heather Davis said...

That is such a cool idea! I love hearing books read aloud. My dad used to do that when we were kids -- he's sit in the hallway between our rooms and read so that all of us could hear. ;)

Hope your trip is smooth!