Saturday, November 07, 2009

You know you're getting old when...

You think the dad or the teacher on a show is actually more attractive than the male lead! A file example of this is the show that I've started watching after a lot of peer-pressure from my friends (I, however, am not to old for peer pressure!). The show is none other than GLEE!

The basic story is that a high school Spanish teacher wants to relive his glory days and decides to resurrect the school Glee Club with a cool team of so-called misfit teenagers who sing, dance, rumble and terrorize each other into our hearts on Wednesday nights. The musical numbers are just awesome, those kids are so very talented. The cast also represents today's youth: Latinas, black women who are more than just that, gay kids, punk Asian kids, disabled kids, a great mix of characters who all share a passion for the stage.
The male lead of Glee Club is Finn, a jock who wants to be more, and he will be...he's going to be the daddy of his girlfriend's baby....or is he?
This is Finn with the "other" woman in his life, the female lead of Glee Club, Rachel who is in love with him.

My favorite is of course the teacher. 30 year old Will Shuster played beautifully by Matthew Morrison. Will is the leader of this rag-tag little group and has problems of his own. His wife of 5 years is expecting their first child....or is she?

I love this man's voice and dance skills! I completely feel that he steals this show from the younger kids and always love "Will and Emma" focused forbidden love episodes. I hear Matthew is making his own album...can't wait for that!

Now, who is Emma? Watch the show to find out!
I'm off to continue my NaNo goals...I am 8K in and very behind!
Dona Sarkar-Mishra


Donna Gambale said...

I'm closer in age to Finn than Will (though out of college), but I definitely think Will's the hottest guy on the show!

TinaFerraro said...

I SO have to watch GLEE! I understand you can catch episodes on the web, and it's on my list to catch up. Thanks for this very pictorial reminder, Dona!

TinaFerraro said...

Also, for those of you who remember the Gidget movie (which seems to re-run on tv every week), her love interest is Moondoggie. But the guy who helps her along is a 30ish fellow named The Big Kahuna. And I practically spit out my coffee one day when I heard someone say, "You know you've gotten older when you watch Gidget and are suddenly attracted to The Big Kahuna." I couldn't agree more!

Bidisha said...

I've never watched GLEE but now that I see the guy, he's actually quite hot, for an older guy :-P

stephhale said...

I love Glee. And Will is such a hottie! And so true about checking out the older guys.

Celise said...

I SO LOVE GLEE!!! And I hear it's doing well in the ratings. I like Will, too. I nearly fell off the couch when he sang The Thong Song. Look at all these people that haven't gotten on the GLEE bandwagon. Get on, people! Get on! You're missin' some good stuff. I'm hoping to get an iPod Nano from the hubby for Christmas. If I do, I'm SO downloading these songs. Love'em.

And even though he's the bad boy and a horndog, I prefer Noah over Finn in the looks dept.