Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Arf Arf (aka What I Want From Santa)

don we now .., originally uploaded by saikiishiki.

Lately I've been a little obsessed with two things: 1. Finishing the sequel to my June release, FORGIVE MY FINS, and 2. Getting a dog. These two things are actually intimately connected because I have promised myself that as soon as I turn in my book I'm getting a dog.

My book is almost done which means I am thisclose to getting my dog. It's been a while. My poor sweet puppy of fifteen years passed almost two and a half years ago and this period is the only time I haven't had a dog since I was eight years old. And being back in a wintry climate has reminded of one major bonus of a furry friend: they can keep you warm. (Unless, of course, your dog is like my last puppy who did not condone cuddling unless there was serious petting involved.)

Anyway, last night I went a little crazy with the dog obsession and I scoured Flickr for some fun shots of dogs in holiday kit. I made a gallery of some of my favorite holiday dogs, which I can't figure out how to post, but you can see them on the Flickr site.

Hopefully, by this post next week I'll have my brand new-to-me rescue dog. There will definitely be pictures.

How about you, are you a dog person or a cat person? Do you have more than one? And, since I'll soon have to think up name, what are their names?

Hugs and happy holidays,
Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp (out now!)
Forgive My Fins (coming June 1, 2010)


Heather Davis said...

As you know, I love both dogs and cats! Remember my puppy Boone and uber-fab German Shepherd Katie? Sadly, they're both gone from my life, but I am still a dog person and Katie has a starring role in my spring book The Clearing. Nowadays, I have Harper Lee, the cat who acts like a dog.

If you get a pup, I think you should name him something mermaid-ish... Maybe Finny?

Yay for getting a dog, Tera. He's going to have a great home with you. ;)

TinaFerraro said...

I'm a cat person--my current ones are Rascal and Ruby--but thanks to my friend's golden retriever, in recent years, I've warmed up to dogs, too!

And yes, Rascal is named after one the characters in Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, so I like Heather's idea of doing something similiar with your dog.

Whoever gets you will be lucky, Tera!

Anonymous said...

I'm a both person, but I've had some pretty cool cats in my life. Our present kitties are a rescued brother and sister, who were literally hand-fed from the second day of their lives because their mama died. So, they are super, super affectionate. One might even say aggressively affectionate. We re-named Mikey and Olive, Nick and Nora.

We also love labs. I have a "puppy" who will turn 11 in January and people are always surprised to hear how old he is b/c he's in great shape, very little gray, and he prances. Unfortunately, his older brother did not inherit the good genes. We had to put him down nearly three years ago at the age of 9. It was very sad.

Animals are great. Good luck with choosing your new canine companion.

stephhale said...

I'm definitely a dog person. I am SO allergic to cats.

And the name?