Saturday, December 26, 2009

What are a few of Dona’s favorite things?


Wrapping up “Guess our favorite things” week on Books, Boys, Buzz here is your girl Saturday! You guys have no idea how excited we are to introduce our newest “Bee”.

Have you guys figured out who it is yet? Hints: she’s absolutely gorgeous, writes some hilarious teen drama and is a mother of human and furry kids alike!

No luck? Are you having any luck guessing a few of my favorite things then? Is

Is it cute baby animals?


Or is it amazing shoes that are a work of art (a pair of Christian Louboutins I’m coveting are pictured here….)


Or is it an old English tradition that I recently have brought into my house to share with my friends?


Leave your best guesses and you will win a copy of Heather Davis’ fall releast NEVER CRY WEREWOLF!


Brooke Reviews said...

Puppy breath! :D

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, no idea, but how about an old English tradition? Um, high tea?

Sara said...

Oh baby animals! <3

Marley Gibson said...

LOLOL!! OMG...I would break every bone in my body if I tried to walk in those shoes! = )

Llehn said...

I'm guessing a pair of Christian Louboutins!

Bidisha said...

Um, all of the above?
If it has to be one, old english tradition perhaps? Could be anything, but I'll go for that XD

stephhale said...

You would make those shoes look good, girl!