Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Member of the Family

Daisy at Home, originally uploaded by Tera Lynn Childs.

Yesterday afternoon I dragged my parents out to search for a new dog. When my old dog of fifteen years passed more than two years ago I knew I wouldn't be ready for a new dog anytime soon. Then, after about a year in my apartment in Houston I started thinking about getting a dog. The only hitch? The $500 pet deposit I never seemed to have.

But now that I'm temporarily back home--and with the promise secured from my parents that they'll watch the dog while I travel--it was finally time.

I had done a little on Petfinder (very dangerous if you're a pet lover--they let you search for animals by zip code ... and there are sooo many) and found a couple of dogs that looked good. We drove out west of town to look at the first dog. After meeting her and many, many, many others in two hours at this no-kill shelter, we decided none of them were The One. They had all been skittish and nervous and more interested in anything and anyone than in us.

We had limited time left because we had a tree trimming part at 7:30 and we budgeted half an hour to check out the dogs at the OKC pound. We walked inside, made the rounds through the cages, dogs barking everywhere. Then we came upon Daisy. She was the other dog I'd found online. Supposedly a dalmation-setter mix (but who knows), about 9 months old, and housebroken (bonus!). She was adorable and sweet, so we took her to one of the "acquaintance" rooms to see if she clicked with us. She fetched and played and jumped up on the bench and we fell instantly in love.

Minutes later we were walking her out the door.

Daisy at The Tree Trimming Party

Expect more tales of Daisy in the future, because she's already proving herself to be a most wonderful and unique puppy.

Hugs and happy holidays,

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sarah said...

She is a beauty! and my first dog's name was Daisy. :)

Vicky B said...

Oh my goodness, with those big, gorgeous eyes, she would be have me eating out of the palm of her hand.

Brooke Reviews said...

I have to double Vicky's "Oh my goodness". She is so adorable, and looks sweet as pie. Congrats on your new addition :)

Melissa Walker said...

I love her already!

Jennifer Rummel said...

so happy for you!

Shana Galen said...

Adorable! Congrats on your new addition!

True Desert Tales said...


Kimberly Frost said...

She is totally adorable!

TinaFerraro said...

Yay, Tera! Yay, Daisy!

Jo Anne said...

What a sweetheart! I know you are seriously in love already. I brought home a new little black kitty Sunday afternoon. It's new pet week! Aren't we lucky suckers? :-)

Daisy's a winner, Tera. Glad you found her.

Kelsey said...

She's so adorable & love the name!


Maureen Hume said...

I adore animals and I really love animals adopted from shelters. I'm the proud mom of six (some disabled) shelter bunnies and if you recieve just half the love I get from my buns you'll be completely overwhelmed.
Daisy has a very special glint in her big soft eyes.
Maureen. www.thepizzagang.com

Colleen Thompson said...

She looks right at home! She's adorable.

I have two shelter girls, and in both cases, we just "clicked" at first sight.

Enjoy your new friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey! I love her!! I grew up with a Dalmation named Daisy, so I can't help but love her. She's exactly perfect for you.


Marley Gibson said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww...Tera....She's ADORABLE!!!!! What a precious little sweetheart. Hug her for me!

stephhale said...

Sorry I'm so late on this. Daisy is such a doll! She is lucky to have such a great new mommy!

Heather Davis said...

Yay, TLC! Daisy is adorable. What a great friend you've found.