Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And Just When Life Got Back to Normal...

Whew! I finally made it back to Oklahoma City from a summer in Las Vegas and Orlando. I got a lot of my emails answered and the rest organized to answer soon. I even started to thin out my closet and pack away my bookshelves in preparation for my upcoming (hopefully before the new year) move.

And then...

My editor scheduled a phone call about revising the first Medusa girls book (which actually has a tentative working title, but I'm waiting to see a cover comp before I give a final opinion). A phone call is, um, rarely good. Not at the revision stage, anyway. At the buy-the-book stage it's awesome.

Anyway, an editorial phone call is usually a way to soften the blow of a less-than-minor revision. And also to talk through ideas and confirm that author and editor are on the same page, but mostly the former. In this case, I was already expecting a somewhat massive revision for three reasons:

  1. This book is very different from the others I've written. Instead of one main character, there are three. All in first person. Instead of writing it one book at a time, it's a predetermined trilogy (not that there can't be more, but there are at least three) which means a three book story arc. Very complicated.
  2. When I wrote the first draft, I stuck very close to my outline. Which is great, direction-wise, but not-so-great depth-wise. Before I turned it in I did a lot of fleshing out for myself, but I knew there was going to have to be more.
  3. I (we) want this book to be extra special. It's darker. It's triplets. It's mythology. It's monster-hunting. It's longer. It's more complex. It's a book that I hope will appeal to an even wider audience than my first two series. That all means that I have to work even harder to make it the best book it can be.

All of the above add up to a pretty significant revision, no matter how you look at it. And, since my revision packet arrived yesterday, you can guess what I'll be doing for the next couple-to-few weeks.

On top of the revision, there's also the fact that my dad has accepted a one year teaching position at OSU in Stillwater, Oklahoma. That's a bit over an hour from where their house is in Oklahoma City. After his second day of commute he announced that the round trip drive cost $25 in gas. Gasp!

Guess what this mean? Even before I get my act together to move to Seattle, I'm going to pack up and move (very temporarily) to Stillwater. Thankfully I've got a few weeks to pull that off, and I can combine it with packing for the move to Seattle, only keeping out what I absolutely need. Still!

Add to all that the fact that I think I broke my baby toe yesterday on a shopping cart, and, well...

Even though my life is "back to normal" at the moment, you can see that there really is no such thing for a writer and daughter of theatre parents.

At least it's never dull.




nymfaux said...

OW!!!!!!! Toes are the worst!!!!

I'm tired just THINKING about all the moving and packing you have to do!!!!

...If it helps any, I got a Nook right before I moved a couple months ago, and I emptied my bookshelves of all but the essentials--five book shelves down to one--I took everything to a used bookstore in town and got cash back--and everything they didn't take, I took to another used bookstore, got cash back, and everything they didn't take, they donated for me!!! Then I bought myself a $250 gift card for BN so I could start stocking my Nook!!!

As for revising, I have total faith in you!!!! 'nuff said. ;)

TinaFerraro said...

Life has its ways of throwing us hardballs, to be sure, Tera, but I love how adversity always makes you stronger, and I'm very excited to see the exciting and dark places you take your triplets to (besides Stillwater, of course). Best of luck on all this!

stephhale said...

I can't wait to meet the triplets! Good luck with your revisions and the move. Make sure you treat yourself to something special once you are done! And Daisy would like something also just for putting up with all of you! ;)

Marley Gibson said...

Love the pic of you ladies!!! = )