Monday, August 30, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

It is Day Two of our weeklong celebration of Marley Gibson's newest release, Ghost Huntress: The Counseling, which includes some book giveaways here on our blog, and a grand prize on her website, so be sure to check that out, and leave a comment here.

We are talking about finding our way in this world, and knowing you have made the right decision. Which brought me to thinking about my life, and then ultimately, the decisions I have made for my three kids...

In this day and age of parenting, there are so many opportunities out there--school, sports, clubs, camps, enrichment, spirituality. You almost wish you had a crystal ball to see where your kid would ultimately be happiest. Whether to let them join everything and risk being stretched too thin, join just the ones they seem called toward --or-- the ones their friends are in... Questions, questions! And the answers seem to come from talking it over as a family.

When it came to high schools, our community offered many choices. We analyzed the pros and cons for each child, and again, listened to our kids. So when our daughter presented us with reasons why she felt she'd do better at the public school, we enrolled her there, even though both her brothers went with private education.

Color me shocked when some years later, I was suddenly "attacked" by a woman I had just met for being a sexist who put my sons above my daughter.

“So," she charged, "you’ll fork out money for private education for your sons, but not for your daughter?”

Wow--them’s was fighting words! Numerous retorts came to mind, most of which would have lead a Dynasty-worthy Linda Evans/Joan Collins’ moment:

But all my instincts told me this woman was not worth my time or trouble, so I merely made a joke and backed away, let the friend who had just introduced us explain things (okay, put her in her place)!

These days, we try to let the kids make their own decisions (with occasional input from us). And let us not forget that when my husband and I are old and gray, the kids are likely going to be "in charge" of things. So let’s hope we set the right example...

How about you? Every faced a tough decision you had to make for someone else, like a child, parent or grandparent?


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Wendy Toliver said...

Sheesh! The nerve of that woman!

My kids are still pretty young but I do find myself having to "help" them decide which sports and activities they can do w/o overloading.

donnas said...

Wow, like it was any of her business.

Lucky enough I havent had to deal with making decisions for others yet. Its hard enough making them for myself most times.

elaing8 said... the linda evans/joan collins reference.

I don't have kids so I haven't had to make a tough decision there. Unfortunately my parents are getting to that age where soon I may have to.And I hope I make the right decisions for them.

Janie Emaus said...

My biggest one involved step kids, custody and who should live where and why. And it all worked out in the end.

Kari said...

I've never really had to make an important decision for some one else. Frankly, I can barely make a decision for myself. Sometimes I think that not deciding would be better, but not to decide is to decide and you just end up stuck in the same place as you were before.

Marley Gibson said...

Unbelieveable!!! I have no words.

But I do love the Crystal/Alexis picture. Classic!!!

petra said...

i might'a smacked that woman if she said that to me.

stephhale said...

It's always amazing to me how some people have no filter! As usual you handled a charged situation with class! Love the Dynasty pic!

Steph said...

Hmmmm.... this one makes me think. When have I ever had to make a decision for someone else? Well, I guess I've had to make decisions for my sister. I'm too young to have children, and my parents still take care of me (I'm only entering high school...). I haven't had to make life-or-death decisions for anyone, so nothing major, but I guess I've had to help my sister with deciding what to do about friends and friend drama- what to say, when to say it, and more importantly, how to say it. Even if she didn't want to listen to me, and didn't take my advice, I still feel like maybe, just possibly, what I said helped her make a decision.

nymfaux said...

Wow!!! That woman obviously had her own issues!!!

No kids, but pets--Especially making sure they were happy in their old age.

Michelle Santiago said...

fortunately, i haven't had to make a tough decision for someone else, which is a good thing because (like the commenter above) i can barely make decisions for myself.

congrats on the new book marley :D

Llehn said...

Um, yeah. Making the decision for my kid to take music lessons which she hates but which I know helps with brain development is one that comes to mind right now.