Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traditional Thanksgiving

I like to hear about all the different Thanksgiving Day traditions out there. And if you get married it's interesting to see how the traditions from two different families merge.

There's the food--cornbread or white bread dressing? Whole wheat or white butter rolls? Pumpkin, pecan, or buttermilk pie (or all 3)? Deep fried or roasted turkey? We have a neighbor from Pennsylvania who enjoys pickled eggs with his Thanksgiving meal, and some friends who have Italian or Chinese for theirs. Some people eat out, some invite everyone they know over to their house. Some put all the cooking on one person's shoulders, while others treat Thanksgiving as a huge potluck.

Here are some of my personal traditions:

As a family, we go on a community charity run/walk to get food for the poor and then I go home and strap on my famous turkey apron. Why? Because it's ridiculous. Then I go about making finishing touches to the house (everybody -- about 14 this year--comes to our house) and make the food I'm responsible for, including potatoes, pies, turkey (Matt does the birds), gravy, cranberry salad, etc. Then we watch football or play it outside if the weather is decent. I'm afraid there's not quite enough snow to hit the slopes after our big meal this time.
This year I'm so excited because my dad and his new wife (they got hitched in June) are coming to our house! It will be interesting to see how her traditions differ from the ones I've adopted since having become married myself. Maybe she will bring something new and exciting into the mix.

No matter what the traditions, the main thing is to be together with people you love and take time to be truly thankful for your blessings. Happy Turkey Day, Everybody!


TinaFerraro said...

Wendy, you look adorable in your apron! I actually don't think we have any Thanksgiving traditions, just to spend it with family, which usually involves lots of kids, music and fun!

Jessica said...

I love your "ridiculous" Turkey apron! What a fun thing. My husband and I participate in several different Thanksgiving day traditions at different houses, since we both come from divorced families. The common denominator in each? Too much good food and lots of family! :)

Wendy Toliver said...

ha ha, thanks Tina and Jessica. The cool thing about the apron is no one really notices what you're wearing underneath. LOL

Marley Gibson said...

Wendy! You are the cutest person ever in your turkey apron. That is priceless!!! = )

Ricki Schultz said...

I'm just catching up with the blogosphere now. Love this pic, Wendy! You are too adorable!! My mom brought me a Santa apron, but it's soooo not as cool as your turkey one. Hello - love the dangly legs! Hope you had a great turkey day. :)