Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lawyers and Zombies and Hellcats, Oh My!

Yesterday, Tina started a discussion about upcoming movies, and today I'm going to take it to the small screen. Fall is in the air, and lucky for the TV-obsessed masses (myself included) this means more than pumpkins and chilly weather. It means the Fall TV lineup.

There are some new shows I'm already loving.

The Walking Dead -- There's nothing super original about this zombie apocalypse series so far (there are shades of 28 Days Later and just about every other great zombie flick) but it more than makes up for it in character, story, and production values.

Hellcats -- This show had me at Hellcats. It's got lots of great elements: cheerleaders, pre-law, drunk mom, cute boys, and The Tiz with brown hair. Also, Aly Michalka is pretty awesome. Win-win-win. Check out this preview.

The Defenders -- I don't generally watch tons of comedy, but with Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell starring is slick Las Vegas lawyers, I'll make an exception.

There are a few shows that are right up my alley, but I haven't watched yet.
  • Nikita
  • Undercovers
  • The Event
Are you watching any of those? Should I start?

As a die-hard fan of the series, I can't believe I missed the first few episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles! I'll remedy that tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it fares better than Law & Order: Trial by Jury

I had really high hopes for Hawaii Five-0 (Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, and Daniel Dae Kim, what?) but the first couple episodes were so disappointing that I took it off my DVR list. Can a network please give Alex O the starring role in a series that will stick around for more than a season, please?

But never fear, there are new episodes of some old favorites starting up soon.
Tell me, what on your Fall TV "Must See" list? Anything I've missed?




Jessica said...

I love the Hellcats too! Cheerleading, plus angsty romances, plus crazy fun = win. I love Psych, too and can't wait for it to come back...it's so funny!

Cara King said...

I'm loving Sherlock! A witty modern Sherlock who lives in the modern age, and a Watson with a blog. Fun. :-)

My other favorite shows are holdovers -- Supernatural, Chuck, Big Bang Theory. (Geeks rule!)


Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Hellcats is cheesy, but it's the right kind of CW cheesy, and I love it.

I actually like Hawaii Five-0... the first episode really impressed me, and it's been decent so far. They do a pretty good job of character development alongside the weekly procedural storyline.

Besides these I think all the shows I watch (and there are a ton of them!) are from previous years.

Jennifer Rummel said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Castle and the Good Guys. I like Undercover - but heard it is canceled.

TinaFerraro said...

I have added OUTSOURCED to my Thursday night line-up!

TinaFerraro said...
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Sara said...

You definitely should watch Nikita - awesome!!

nymfaux said...

I am such a tv-holic!!!!

I am sad that I haven't watched Hellcats yet, but it looks SOOOOOO good!!!!

I saw the first episode of L&O:LA--was REALLY good!!!!

Ditto Nikita!!!

Undercovers...not so much...I had such high hopes for it, plus the actors are so pretty, but I found myself literally falling asleep during the first episode--way too drawn out, and even the action parts were kind of boring--maybe it's picked up since the first episode, but I can't imagine it got worse. :(

Ditto Hawaii 5-0 --totally agree w/you!!! :(

I'm mostly watching my old faves--Grey's, House, Mentalist, CSI, NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Lie to Me---I was really excited for this season, but everything feels a little dusty lately--good enough to keep watching, but not all sparkly and shiny and fresh :(

I think the best thing that's on right now is Mike&Molly--it's a sitcom/comedy with heart, and I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with it!!!!

--their first date is my fave--Molly was sick, but didn't want to cancel, so her mom (totally awesome Swoozie Kurtz) gave her codeine enhanced cough medicine--which knocked her out--So Molly's sis, gave her something with amphetamine's---by the time Mike got there...well, worst date ever...(Mike's a cop) and when he's finished describing the date to his partner, his partner says, "so I guess you're never going to see her again," and Mike says, "Are you kidding?--I'm going to marry that girl."


p.s. thanks for the psych/leverage update. good to know :)

Heather Davis said...

Hmm. I was wondering about Walking Dead since it's an AMC show and I love Mad Men. Worried that it's too scary to watch at night though....

Jessica said...

I like "Walking Dead," but I DVR it to watch during the day...it's not really scary, so much as it can be a little gross, but I consider it a should be watched in the daytime show...

stephhale said...

I started watching Hellcats and The Defenders but it fizzled out for me. I absolutely LOVE Mike & Molly and Raising Hope. They make me laugh every week!