Friday, April 22, 2011


Here in the Midwest we've been teased with a few beautiful seventy-degree days over the last month only to plunge back into the thirties before we even had time to break out our shorts. Tulips bloom giving me hope that spring is indeed on it's way even if it doesn't arrive when the calendar says it should.

My favorite sign that spring is finally here is finding a robin's nest in my front tree. We have lived here for eleven years and every single spring there is a nest built on the same branch. I kept waiting and waiting this year trying to spot a momma robin building a nest. But no nest.

We've had some pretty severe thunderstorms lately so I figured it was for the best because the nest would have been blown out of the tree anyway. But I was still bummed that I wouldn't be able to look out every day and see eventually see tiny mouths opened wide while momma robin dropped regurgitated worm into them. Okay, it sounds gross, but it really is something to see.

I decided to console myself by breaking out the new set of pots and pans I bought myself. Yeah, I know, my life is super exciting. So I was washing out the pans and gazing out into the backyard when a robin flew by the window. I leaned over to see where the obviously pregnant robin was headed only to be surprised to see a giant nest built on our privacy fence. I nearly leaped for joy. I can practically gaze into the nest from my window and this way my kids can see everything without the fear that they might accidentally touch the nest. So even though my furnace is kicking on at the moment, I'm still going to dig my shorts out!

What is your favorite part of spring?




TinaFerraro said...

I love seeing my world "thicken" with grass and plants and leaves!

Heather Davis said...

That's awesome! You and the boys can follow the progress of the mama bird and babies. Love it! My favorite part of spring is when the fresh veggies start coming into the farmer's markets. Asparagus, artichokes, all those yummy seasonal eats. I also like being able to open the curtains and windows to let the sun and breeze in. So nice after a long winter!

1110cg said...

I love the unpredictable weather; because normally in California the weather is very nice.

Marley Gibson said...

The sunshine! I love the warm sunshine of spring. = )