Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celeb Breakups and High School

Cameron and Justin just broke up and the whole world knows. When I heard the news, I was like, "Aww, they were a cute couple." Why do I actually feel bad about this? It's not as if they were my close personal friends, or even casual acquaintances. It's amazing how in this world of papazzai shot filled magazines, E! News delivered to my inbox, and constant updates on Brit and Kev/Tom and Katie/Nicole and DJ Whatever, we mortals actually feel involved in the lives of these super-celebs.

When a big celebrity breakup happens like Brad and Jennifer, I swear, my girlfriends and I can talk for hours on why, if there was a third-party, if there is a chance they'll get back together. Just like High School. This Cam and Justin break up is totally like the time in 12th grade when the Homecoming Queen and the basketball star broke up the day after they were named Class Couple. My god, they had been together for like 4 years! We talked about it for a month in High School.

I think in this age of fast cars, faster technologies and less time, we reach for something we know. And harmless, speculative high school gossip is something each and everyone of us has been through and can relate to.

So to comemorate.....the recent celeb breakups that have me and my girlfriends talking (good thing I'm writing YA...all this research should come in useful for something!)
Chad Michael and Sophia
Brad and Jen
Hilary and Chad
Cam and Justin
Drew and Fabrizzo

Who am I missing on my list?


TinaFerraro said...

How about Britney and K-Fed? Everybody talked about that one (even though it wasn't a big surprise).

I know what you mean about certain high school couples. Sometimes people seem so right together--whether they agree or not--and it becomes part of your comfort zone. Sun comes in the morning, go to school, see them holding hands. And it throws off your world when they're not together...


Heather Davis Koenig said...

Hey, Dona!

I can soooo relate about the high school type gossip feeling so familiar. When you live for awhile in a small town, any kind of gossip is fair game. When you see those perfect couples implode, you're shocked. No one really knows what happens when people aren't around, you know?

So,what about Jen and Vince Vaughn? Or was that ever happening to begin with...? ;) I was actually sad to see that one end. Jen so deserves a good guy.

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, Dona, I thought of another recent celebrity break-up that gave me pause: Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis. He played Smith on "Sex in the City", and is presently on "Brothers and Sisters". And boy, if I were Rosario, I wouldn't have let HIM go without a fight...


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I dont know how I cold have forgotten Britney and K'Fed and Jenn and Vince! I am not thinking like a true and proper teenager :)

stephhale said...

I was kind of surprised about Dave and Carmen. They were both so weird I figured they would stay together. I didn't know about jen & vince, I guess I'm behind in my gossip.


Anonymous said...

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth. They're so on and off, it's hard to keep up.

I wasn't surprised that Vince and Jen didn't make it. I think they were always more buddies... and he was her rebound.

Teri, who really should be thinking of like world hunger or something. LOL

Simone Elkeles said...

I'm sorry, I thought KFed was cute when he had longer hair.

Like Brad and Angelina better than Brad and Jen. (Sorry, everyone)

We had one couple from high school get married and I saw them a few months ago. They looked happy.

~Simone Elkeles

Anonymous said...

Jude Law and Sienna Miller?
Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid?
Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley? (Okay, totally his fault.)

My high school was pretty low drama for a high school. Mostly everyone who was together stayed together... maybe that's why I write YA: feeding my neglected gossip quotient.

Oh, and I found a whole website ( on celeb gossip, including a section on breakups. We're not the only ones...