Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trailblazers: Michelle Wie

Last year, when Time Magazine included a 17 year-old girl as “one of a hundred people who shape our world,” I sat up and paid attention. Who was this young beauty, and what was it that made her stand out?

I now know, and can tell those of you who don’t!

Michelle Wie was born in Honolulu in 1989, and began playing golf at the age of 4. By 11, she was a stand-out in the game, winning trophy after trophy, in addition to breaking ceilings for age and gender.

She soon attained a height of 6’1”, and the power in her swing is, according to golfer Fred Couples, “just the scariest thing you’ve ever seen.”

At the age of 16, she turned professional and reportedly signed sponsorship contracts with Nike and Sony worth ten million dollars. In turn, she announced a pledge of $500,000 to Katrina Hurricane Relief.

This year, she’ll graduate high school and start Stanford University.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer predicts she’s going to influence the game of golf as much as Tiger Woods--or even more because she’s bound to attract people that Tiger didn’t, like younger people, boys, girls, families. (And at least one YA writer!)

I definitely think Michelle Wie qualifies as a Trailblazer, someone worth watching!


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Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for the rundown on another trailblazer, Tina! Wow, a tough act to follow. =D

Heather Davis Koenig said...

Wow! That girl rocks. Excellent profile, Tina!

Oneunder said...

No question Michelle Wie has the chance to change the world and everyone knows it which is why we watch her so closely. Can't imagine being 17 and living under a microscope with 1/2 the observers hoping you fail.

Simone Elkeles said...

Michelle is awesome! It's great when a teen finds their strength and goes for it! (except being good at Nintendo)

I must say I took my daughter to the golf dome to play last week. Okay, so she doesn't really hit the ball great, but she did try her best!

~Simone Elkeles

Janie Emau said...

At the moment, I'm at a loss for a trailblazer. But I can say Paris, Lindsay, or Britney are definitely NOT ones, in my opinion.

Thanks for the interesting post. I has me thinking.


stephhale said...

Michelle is adorable and she will no doubt bring some teen girl fans to the sport of golf!