Monday, January 22, 2007

You're gonna love her...

This weekend was "catch up" weekend on a lot of things. Since I was under a deadline over the holidays and then on vacation and then sick with the stupid airplane flu I got, I have been out of the loop on watching some of the great movies out there and on watching one of my favorite yearly events, The Golden Globes!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to see DREAMGIRLS and then Saturday night, thanks to Bravo TV (one of my favorite channels), I saw a rerun of the Globes and was soooooooo excited that newcomer, Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Effie White in DREAMGIRLS.

Have you seen this movie? Have you seen her? Have you heard her? Whoa, momma! As my dear old Dad says, "She's got a set of pipes on her!" Jennifer lit up the screen with her personna, presence and her incredible voice. At one point in the movie, she's singing this very pivotal song and belts out the lyric "You're gonna love me!!!!" and let me tell you, every hair on my neck and arm stood at attention. When the scene was over, the audience burst into was that moving!

And see, this is one of the reasons I can't watch AMERICAN IDOL. If they let someone like her finish in sixth (what?!) place, what good is it? I was raised in a musical house by a professional musician mother and I have a wicked good ear for music. To hear people butchering songs and catter-walling and singing off key is like nails on a chalk board to me. But if I'd heard Jennifer Hudson sing, it might have made a believer out of me.

Did you know she beat out 787 other actresses/singers for the part of Effie? That's just mind-blowing to me. And while she shared the screen with the amazing talents of Beyonce, Oscar-winner, Jamie Foxx and legend Eddie Murphy, it was Ms. Hudson who totally stole the movie.

If you haven't seen DREAMGIRLS already, I highly recommend it. As for the Oscars, I say give about a dozen of them to Jennifer Hudson.

What did you think of the movie?

Marley = )
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Anonymous said...

Haven't seen it yet. Am going to try to see it before the Oscars, though. We do watch American Idol and thought she was very talented.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I saw it yesterday too Marley! And you know what, I felt the movie dragged a bit near the end, but HOLY MAMA that girl can SING.

What's ironic is that Beyonce is such a famous singer with an average voice and she was actually cast as that: a famous singer with an average voice.

I liked a movie a lot :)

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, I just saw Dreamgirls got 8 Oscar nominations--doesn't get much better than that! I gotta go see this film!


Anonymous said...

This movie is on my must see list (unfortunately, with about fifty other movies...) and the previews and buzz are awesome. I know what you mean about American Idol. I've been watching the "Rewind" (quick recaps from the first season) and saw that Simon wanted to cut Kelly Clarkson when they went down to 30 contestants. There's no accounting for taste sometimes. =)

Heather Davis Koenig said...

Dude. I totally loved this movie. I saw it on opening day. I about lost it when she sang "And I am Telling You." Buy the soundtrack. It's awesome. Even Byonce's song "Listen" which I didn't get at the movie is great.

You're gonna love it.