Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #8

Because this is the day after Halloween (and I am jealous of Heather for getting to post on a holiday) for this week I am choosing a hottie whose most recent character is a very popular costume this year. Johnny Depp, aka Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

It took me a long time to warm up to JD. I was never into 21 Jump Street. I saw Edward Scissorhands, but didn't think it was that great. Never even saw Benny & Joon or What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Not until The Ninth Gate did I begin to see his appeal--that geeky, unscrupulous book nut with the flames of H-E-double-hockeysticks on his heels. Then there was Sleepy Hollow--JD as Ichabod Crane, science geek turned police investigator. All that fog and suspense. Sigh.

This may be unpopular, but I even liked him in Blow. Even if he was an awful drug dealer. And as the opium-addicted, Jack-the-Ripper fighthing police inspector in From Hell.

Then came Cap'n Jack Sparrow. How is it that a completely unscrupulous, greedy, filthy, cursed pirate can be so freakin' hot? I mean, there's so much not to love... but I can't help myself. Partly it's the dark hair thing--clearly, I have a weakness. Partly it's the smile thing--Jack always pulls his tricks with a smile... and JD's teeth are just cute. Mainly, though, I think it's the eyes thing.

Confession time again. I also have a thing for guys in eyeliner. Not that I want a guy who actually wears makeup... but for some reason I just find it really attractive. Apparently I'm not the only one because there are entire websites devoted to this. I'm not sure why. Maybe it makes them look darker, more mysterious, more bad a$$.

Hottie question of the week... Guys in eyeliner: Hot or not?


TinaFerraro said...

Guys in eyeliner? Tera Lynn, what a terrific post!

Okay, I admit to being really old-fashioned about guys in make-up. It's a turn off for me.

As for Johnny Depp, he didn't do much for me in PIRATES, but like you, I thought he looked great as a drug dealer in BLOW. I'm not sure what that says about me...and I don't think I want to know...


Simone Elkeles said...

I am totally into Depp. He has such charisma and sex appeal. It's not always about the looks, although he's easy on the eyes. Even as Cap'n Jack.

Eyeliner? Mario Lopez was wearing it on Dancing with the Stars this week.

Okay, I think I'm just boy crazy...

Simone Elkeles

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Hmmm...I have to agree with Tina on this one. Makeup on guys? Not so much my thing. BUT I love Cap'n Jack. I think it's the personality. Or the fact that he is HILARIOUS! Or the fact that he's dysfuncational and he loves it...whatever it is, I agree with all of this that this week's Hump Day Hottie is one of the hottest of them all!

Marley Gibson said...

Johnny Depp had me in 1987 with 21 JUMP STREET and like a fine wine, he's aged juuuuuuust fiiiiiiiine.

When I think of guys in eyeliner, I think of Mark Wahlberg in ROCK STAR (an underrated FABULOUS movie!) where he's repairing the copier at work and the business man is staring at him..."Is that...eyeliner?" LOL!!

Marley = )

TJ Brown said...

It's the eyes. In everything he's ever done it's the eyes. Except Edward Sissorhands and hated it and him in it. Blech. But I'm not much of a Tim Burton fan, so that is to be expected.

Young Adult Authors said...

Um... depends on the guy, but definitely Johnny Depp in eyeliner = hot.

Anonymous said...

This is a hilarious discussion! Love it!

IMO, Johnny would've looked sexy as Cap'n Jack Sparrow even w/o the eyeliner. First, he's got the whole pirate thing going on and (in Paris' words)THAT'S HOT. (Pirates are on my list of hotties, which also includes firemen, vampires, and Zorro)

I think I liked the character so much because he was so sexy yet so ... non-sexual. I mean, sure he had his long list of broken hearted wenches, but he just stood there looking adorably nonchalant whenever they popped into the picture and slapped him. Sure, there was The Kiss on the sequel, but it was just a ploy, right? It didn't actually MEAN anything. It's refreshingly frustrating to see a male character whose priority isn't getting laid.

You know, like how if you're told you can't eat chocolate (or fill in the blank with something else) you suddenly have a huge craving for it?

Wendy Toliver, who's suddenly craving Johnny Depp -- ha ha

Diana Peterfreund said...

Guys in eyeliner are HOT HOT HOT. I don't know what it is. It's that rock star thing. OMG -- HOT.

But it has to work for the look. It can't be. guy in khaki shorts and a polo shirt and eyeliner. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm Tina's daughter, Sarah, and I have to say Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character from any movie ever made!! Johnny Depp isn't my favorite, but his character in Pirates was just incredible! He has that mysterious thing going for him, as well as those supremely clever lines! That movie has the best 1-liners I have ever heard! And, of course, the freaky-drunken-walking thing. That's just too random not to love!

As for the eye-liner-- it is a major plus.... for PIRATES! It looks pretty bad on a normal guy! Eyeliner is only acceptable on a guy if it part of a costume and he uses waaaaay too much (like Captain Jack!) If its adding to the look like it does for pirates, I have to say its pretty hot.