Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Can Stop Anytime I Want To... I Just Don’t Want To

Here are some of the things I’m currently addicted to, in no particular order.

1. Magazines -- Big (W), small (Food), cheap (Shop, Etc.), pricey (Bride’s), serious (The Economist), or silly (TeenPeople), I read them all. If they’re sitting at the checkout, chance are I’ll buy them. I’ve read everything from Allure to Wallpaper. But my all-time favorites are travel magazines! I could probably travel around the world with all the cash I’ve shelled out on those slick wonderlands.

2. No Whip Caramel Frappuccino -- The no whip part is my attempt to make a deliciously dangerous treat slightly less dangerous, even though I know the drink itself is loaded with sugar and calories. All I have to say is that without this beverage not one of my books would have ever gotten written.

3. T-shirts -- Since summer is coming (and some days the heat is already here) I’ve been stocking up. My faves come from Target and Old Navy, mainly because they’re cheap and I can buy tons. I love the low--but not ultra-low--v-neck that’s out this season and the rainbow of colors to choose from.

4. Flip-Flops -- Again with the summer thing. Right now I have four pairs: a simple black suede-y pair (from Target), a hot pink pair with sparkly beads (also from Target), a black pair with understated black sequins (from Express--three years ago), and a white pair that laces up my ankle (from The Gap--last year). My all-time favorites, though, are the terrycloth ones from Mella.

5. Bookstores -- Barnes & Noble. Borders. Waldenbooks. Larry’s Discount Book Emporium. Okay, I made that last one up, but if it sells books and magazines (see #1) then I’m there with bells--and glasses--on.

6. Sabrina the Teenage Witch -- It’s in reruns on ABC Family and I watch it whenever I get the chance. There’s just something about a talking cat, a pair of batty 400-year old aunts, and a high school (and later college) girl struggling to come to terms with her magical self. And it doesn’t hurt that Josh (David Lascher) from the college years is a total hottie!

7. Sprite Zero -- Meg Cabot has Tab. I have Sprite Zero. This is a long-standing habit that replaced my Diet Coke addiction when I learned that cola can stain your teeth. Zero stains. Zero calories. Tons o’ flavor. What’s not to love?

8. MySpace -- This is an on-again-off-again thing. I’ll be really obsessed with it for a few weeks (like right now) and then I’ll go cold turkey for a while. But the itch to add friends always comes back.

9. Kiwis -- (The fruit, not the national mascot--although New Zealanders can be really hot!) Did you know that kiwi fruit has twice the vitamin C of an orange, more fiber than strawberries, and twice the vitamin E of avocado, as well as potassium, folic acid, and cancer-fighting phytochemicals? I can’t get enough.

10. Sleep -- This is one I really want to cut back on. Sound crazy? Well, not if you consider the article that I read (again, see #1) that says people who sleep 5-7 hours per night live longer than those that sleep 8 or more. How unfair is that? I mean, not only do they get more time each day, but they get more time overall. I’m definitely scaling back on my 8-9 hours a night!

So... any addictions of your own to confess?

Growing Up Godly, Summer 2008
Dutton Children's Books

what I'm reading ... Spy Goddess by Mike Spradlin (I know, I know. It's not a RITA book... but I got sucked in.))


TinaFerraro said...

Wow, TLC, you have some very worthy addictions--and I loved reading about them.

I guess my addictions include wasting too much time on internet/e-mail, drinking cinammon dolce lattes (and like you, no whip), watching LOST, and visiting every bookstore in the northern hemisphere to sign copies of my book!

stephhale said...

TLC, sometimes I think we were seperated at birth, well, except for that teensy little age difference!
My worst addiction is Coke. Not the white, powdery kind, but the fizzy, caffeine-loaded, sugar-laden, goes-down-so-smooth-it feels-like-heaven, Coca-Cola. I would honestly rather skip a meal than not have a Coke. I'm on a diet, excuse me, I'm changing my lifestyle and Coke is no longer a part of my daily life. I miss Coke. I told Coke that it wasn't healthy for him to keep coming around. He won't listen. He's constantly calling out to me through ads on Myspace and TV. I'm thinking of getting a restraining order. I need help! :)
ps-You live in the best place to get an ice cold Coke. At that M&M building on the strip with the rock climbing wall. It has a Coke store and you can get a frosty cold one in a glass bottle (the Cristal of Coke). Will you go have one for me?

Lisa Asanuma said...

My big money-draining ones are books and yarn (I knit), and my big time-wasting ones are internet, and reruns of Gilmore Girls and That 70's Show (which to my chagrin plays for hours on Friday nights, on multiple channels!).

GeminiWisdom said...

Adult romance books. Particularly the Harlequin Blaze line. I gotta nice stack right now, so my addiction is currently being fed. However, I've been known to go thru withdrawal. And it's so. not. pretty. Just ask the hubby.

Me said...

Tina, I'm with you on the wasting time online thing... it's so easy to lose an hour or three.

Steph, hugs on the Coke loss. I'm sure you'd never drink Diet Coke, right? =)

Lisa, I am *such* a sucker for yarn. I have a huge pile of it in the corner of my living room. Unfortunately, I don't have as much motivation when I comes to actual knitting.

Celise, I so know how you feel. It's like the first time I read Harry Potter. I had the four book set and read them back to back. And then I was like, "Wah! I need more!"

Marley Gibson said...

This is awesome, Tera!!! Now I see why we get along so well. LOL!! I could never give up my Diet Coke. It's like oxygen for me.

I've recently discovered THE O.C. and I'm hooked and don't want any therapy! I'm totally loving this show!

Simone Elkeles said...

I crave Starbuck's too! I'm trying to cut back, though, and lose weight. It's not working. I love magazines but have no time to read them except in the bathroom or during my kids' hockey practice. And the myspace thing is DEFINITELY addictive! (but not so much as my reality tv addiction...did you happen to watch America's next top model last night? Jael got voted off...I was glad. She was way too out there for me. I want Natasha to win...(I think I'm rambling so I'll stop)
~Simone Elkeles

Heather Davis said...

First -- totally with Simone on the Natasha ANTM thing. Love that show.

Second -- I heart Nutter Butters, but I've recently cut waaay back. My new addiction is to a little coconut wafer cookie from Whole Foods -- Loacker is the brand I think. You can eat 8 for like, 120 calories and they're really good.
I'm also addicted to hand lotion and lip gloss. A girl must moisturize at all times!