Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Rock Star Guide To Guys

Sure, every guy--just like every girl--is unique, but come on... you've noticed similarities, right? Common personality elements that made you think, "Hey, he's kinda like..." Well, after years of observation and experience I've come up with a handy little guide for categorizing your guy. And it's all based on rock bands. Here we go.


This is the guy that loves the spotlight. He's cocky and confident and probably really hott. When it comes to showing off in front of a crowd he's fearless--the more screaming adoring fans the better. But watch out, that holds true in his personal life, as well. Whether he has an admitted girlfriend or not, this is the guy who'll play the field--or at least flirt the heck out of it--until he has every girl in the room wishing she were his date. Seriously Alpha dog. We love this guy because he's a charmer and because being with him means every other girl out there will be eye-clawingly jealous of us.

Famous Lead Singers: Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, and Brad Pitt.


This is the behind the scenes guy. He's the one that makes it all happen, that makes sure everything is good to go so the Lead Singer can do his thing. The Lead Guitarist is reliable and responsible, and when you have a problem he's the guy to go to for help. Beware of the envious Lead Guitarist, though. If he secretly wishes he were a Lead Signer then he can be moody, calculating, and more than a little devious. We love this guy because he can fix anything and, if he's content with his lot, he'll be at our side when we need him and when we don't.

Famous Lead Guitarists: Zac Efron, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney.


This is the workhorse of the group. He's there to provide backup and to do the dirty work that no one else wants to do. But underneath that hard-working facade lurks a soulful spirit. This guy feels it every time someone dumps on him, but he just keeps plugging along. No sense letting the world stop spinning just because he's hurting. It might be tough to peel back that tough guy shell, but you'll reap the rewards if you do. This guy is loyal and devoted--just don't take advantage of his helpful nature. Not because he'd resent you for it... but you might start to feel guilty after a while.

Famous Bass Guitarists: Jake Gyllenhaal, George Harrison, and Lance Bass.

Type #4: DRUMMER

This is the wildcard. Not to beat a pun to death, but he marches to the beat of his own drummer--himself. He can be crazy and confident or wild and insecure (who even thinks about the Drummer, right?). Totally unpredictable in regular circumstances, when it comes to crunch time this guy pulls through. After all, what would happen to the beat if there were not drums. We love him because he doesn't give a rat's behind for what other people think and because he's totally spontaneous and we never know what to expect. Though that isn't always a good thing.

Famous Drummers: Shia LaBeouf, Joey Fatone, and Ringo Starr.

So, the question of the day is: What type is your guy?

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Anonymous said...

lol. This is awesome. I'm thinking that maybe the lead guitarist is my type.

TinaFerraro said...

TLC, what a FABULOUS post! And I'm having a heck of a time deciding. I think that at different times in my life, I have fallen for different types. So can I say ALL?

stephhale said...

Seriously amazing post, TLC!
After years of heartbreak dished out by lead singers, I finally found myself a loyal and devoted bass guitarist! :)
ps- Thanks so much for the Shia pic, I totally heart him!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man you forgot the keyboardist. Yes, he's stuck behind the keyboards all night, fairly stationary unless he has the dreaded keytar- which really no-one should have, but he does have very very nice hands. Oh, and mine came off the stage once when some drunk in a cowboy hat kept hitting on me.

Diana said...

Can't help it, but I am definitely thinking LEAD SINGER

Anonymous said...

I LOVED your post, TLC!

Totally accurate! Anyway, I have to go with the DRUMMER!!! Partly because I love the drums and anyone who can play them is a freakin' rockstar in my book and partly because I think they are just hot! :D


Lee County Public Library said...

Lee Co Library aka Elizabeth is telling everyone from experience...go with the bass player!

Anonymous said...

Hi, TLC, we do miss you in Houston! Love this post. You've got them pegged (this from long years experience testing the waters). I'm afraid I've always been a lead singer type - and it's served up both lots of fun and heartache this lifetime. Even when I found the 'good' bad boy I married, his constant 'all about him' needs eventually had me running like hell. But I wouldn't trade one minute of the ride.

I'll have to admit, though - Bethany's keyboard player coming off the stage in a jealous rage sounds like quite an ego stroker. You go, girl.

alexgirl said...

My type would definitely have to be the drummer. I have always wanted to be one, and my eye always drifts to the drummer when I'm at a live show. As far as drummers go, I think we need to give a shout out to Rick Allen--the one-armed drummer from Def Leppard! Nobody kicks more ass than a one-armed drummer. Serio.

This was an awesome post btw.
Except that Zac Efron guy really creeps me out. Not sure what it is about him.

Anonymous said...

ok, i love this post. but i have to say, my love is definitely all of them, it just depends on the day. and whats great about that, is that hes got variety, and he isn't always the same. this way he always has me guessing. i love him to death, so, i'd have to say he's a bit of all of them

Heather Davis said...

Yum, TLC! I'll take one Bass Guitarist, please. (Oh, as long as he's Jake G. or Luke Wilson.)