Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bag ladies?

With all this talk of shopping, I can't help but write about the "bag phenomenon" happening.

I'm not sure if this is the case everywhere, but finally, shoppers at local grocery stores are bringing in their own reusable bags for their purchases! Isn't that cool?

You can shop and not end up with a bunch of extra plastic (or paper) bags that you have to reuse and recycle. Or like me, maybe you just stuff them in your closet with all the other bags you've collected until the closet is about to explode...

So, some of these reusable bags are somewhat plain, but others are logo-bags or have cool designs on them. They are easy to just stick in your car (or backpack) and then pull out at the grocery store when you buy stuff.

IMO, I think this is a great trend -- and one that I noticed years ago when I traveled in Germany. My friends in Berlin brought their own bag to the store because if you forgot one, you got charged more for a plastic bag. That's one way to ensure that your people bring bags!

So, have you noticed this greener practice in your town? And what other kinds of stores -- can you imagine buying your books at Borders (or an indie store!) and tucking them into your reusable shopping bags -- do you see using this idea?

For the backpackers among us, the bag phenomenon is nothing new, but this could be revolutionary for a ton of shoppers. What do you think -- is it cool to tote your own tote?



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MySharonAnne said...

I bought a set of them at the supermarket. I take them with me all the time to the bookstore,petsmart,etc. Everyone is doing that here now.It's like your not cool unless you own some.I have even seem them for sale in a clothing store.

The Golfing Librarian said...

I too, think that reusable bags are the way to go and have chosen to do so voluntarily! The only thing I don't like about the trend is the fact that some cities and municipalities feel it necessary to legislate a "tax" on those who don't subscribe to their school of thought, by forcing businesses to charge customers x number of cents per plastic bag if they don't have a reusable bag.
The gentleman from Pullman yields the soapbox.

TJ Brown said...

This is very cool, but since we use the paper bags for garbage, I can't see us doing this any time soon.

TinaFerraro said...

I'm giving reusable grocery sacks my best shot but keep leaving my bags home/in the car/in the cart. But I'm trying!

Marley Gibson said...

Same thing here, Tina!! LOL!!

= )

Shari Green said...

Lots of people where I live use the reusable bags -- me included (except when I forget them at home!).