Thursday, January 15, 2009

My first and most famous kiss

My first kiss was with Patrick Dempsey.
Okay, it wasn't THIS Patrick Dempsey, but my Patrick Dempsey was pretty dang cute too. When I was in middle school the big deal was for boyfriends and girlfriends to kiss before they caught their respective buses. This caused me enormous stress. Would Patrick know I had never kissed anyone before? How does the tongue thing work out? What if we bump noses? These are just a few of the thoughts that were running through my mind as I approached Patrick on that fateful day.

I don't really remember him leaning into me, although he must have, because I was too petrified to instigate things. I just remember actually kissing him and everything working perfectly. Then somebody pulled us apart. My principal. He rushed us off to our buses saying he would talk to both of us later. As the bus bumped along my head was spinning. Will the principal call my mom? Did Patrick think I was a good kisser? Where did I get the gum in my mouth?

Patrick and I were not meant to be. He dumped me for a girl named Barbie. I know, right? But I have great memories of my first kiss. I'm reminded of him almost daily as his nephew, who looks exactly like him, is a classmate of my son's. The principal was so sweet during our talk. I've never forgot the advice he gave me about keeping some things private. Truer words were never spoken.

Was your first kiss perfect or did something humiliating happen? How close have you come to kissing a famous person?
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TinaFerraro said...

First off, congrats to Janice!!!

And Steph, what a perfect first kiss story...exciting, confusing, and ending with a "moral." A YA writer's dream!

My first kiss happened under a tree. Very sweet and cute. The funny thing is that he told me it was his first kiss, too, but years later, I found out he'd told the same/done the same with one of my very good friends a year earlier. So forever I will think of him as a serial first kisser. But a very sweet and cute one!

TinaFerraro said...

P.S. I'm still waiting for my first kiss with a celeb. No names need to be mentioned.

Kristen said...

Well my first kiss was classic. We were seven and destined to stay together till second grade lol! his name was Dolton and to this day i love that name. We were on the playground at Ferndale Baptist School and we were running around in the south carolina heat and soon were sitting in the cool shade and he kissed me.... then I got the cooties lol jk

Sarah Jensen said...
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Thao said...

Congrats to Janice ^^
Your kiss sounded nice Steph, and it was nicer of your principal not to get mad because of that. In my country, if we get caught doing we're gonna be in big trouble.

Heather Davis said...

Is it funny that I don't remember my first kiss? I think it was with a guy named Gary in the 8th grade at a dance... or maybe it was at summer camp. Well, wherever it was, it was forgettable.

I do, however, remember my 9th grade boyfriend, who was my first real make-out guy. We'd make-out to the extended remix of Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. (Moody make-out music, huh?)

He was from a different school and I kid you not, I rode the city bus (making 2 transfers) to go see him. Not once did he come to my house...

Hm... in retrospect, probably not the best boyfriend material, huh? I guess that's why we broke up. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this blog!!
So my first "real" kiss happened a month ago yesterday :) I'm 19 and I've had a crush on this 6'3 tall 17 yr. old for a few years. It was one of my last days home before I came back to college and we went out of town to Patterson's pond. It was totally beautiful and there he finally kissed me on the edges of a gorgeous pond. It wasn't a makeout, but very simple and sweet and more than just a peck :)