Friday, January 23, 2009


Sorry about the slacker post but I just finished my first set of revisions on my fourth book, The Alpha Bet and I'm truly exhausted. This has been my most challenging book by far. I'm really looking forward to spending a few days just kicking back and doing nothing writing related. I really admire authors who can write every single day, but I'm just not built that way. I always have to take some time off to recharge my creative batteries.

Here are some things I do to recharge my creativity:

1) READ! I always get inspired when I read. And I have a large stack of RITA books just waiting to be cracked open.

2)Watch movies! I renewed my Netflix subscription and I'm going to get caught up on some flicks I've missed.

3)Leisurely flip through my big pile of glossy magazines. When life starts to get crazy my magazines are usually the first casualty. I'm looking forward to plopping my butt in the recliner and catching up. I've gotten several book ideas just from magazine pictures.

4)Shopping. There is nothing like spotting a new couch I'd like or maybe some killer shoes to get my motivation pumping on a new book idea.

5)Just slowing down and enjoying life. You can't write about someone else's experiences unless you've had your own, right? Even if it is just something as simple as taking a different route home, you just never know what you'll see that could inspire you.

How do you "recharge" yourself?

Please also check out the auction that author Gemma Halliday is having to benefit a sixteen year old homeless girl and her mom. There are lots of autographed books up for bid (including mine) and tons of other great stuff you can bid on!




Thao said...

I recharge myself by reading and taking walks on my own. Sometimes I just go to the bookstores and wander around, looking at a lot of colorful covers makes me happy : )

That's awesome of Gemma, I wish I could join the auction, I'm so broke : (

Me said...

HOOOORAYYYYY on finishing the edits, Steph!!!!!! Yeah, I'm not an every day kind of girl, either.

I recharge in all the same ways, plus I'll add hanging out with friends to the list. I always come away from dinner or coffee with a pal feeling a little revived. (Of course, maybe that's because fo the margaritas and frappuccinos ...)

TinaFerraro said...

I recharge by walking and hanging with friends. And if I'm lucky and have discovered a new tv program on video with lots of episodes to watch, that'll jump-start my brain, too.

Thanks for the heads-up on that auction. I'll check it out!

Kwana said...

Congrats on the revisions. I recharge by getting sleep. Also with Movies or a mani/pedi which I really need right about now.

Leon1234 said...

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