Friday, January 02, 2009

What's your resolution?

I'm pretty sure this is the third year (WOW!) I've blogged about New Year's Resolutions. I love the fact that we get to wipe our slates clean and start anew. I have big plans for 2009 and a list of resolutions that I hope to conquer. Here goes:

1) Lose weight- Ugh. This one is the same every single year. Double Ugh. I am happy to say that I am 35 pounds lighter than when I typed this sentence last year. So yay! But I still have a way to go and with my new elliptical machine, I'm going to get there!

2)Sell another book- Sure, I'd rather sell a ten-book series but I'm not greedy, just one will make me very happy.

3)Take a family vacation-My husband and I are always making excuses why we don't need to spend money on a vacation. No more! I've booked us a one week stay at Walt Disney World in June and I can hardly wait. Of course this means that I probably won't get to hang out with any of the BBG's at conferences this year, which sucks, but hopefully next year I can do both.

4)Save money- I'm pretty good about saving money but I'm also just as suspectible to People magazine and expensive makeup as the next girl. I'm determined to really think before I throw something in my cart at Wal-Mart this year!

I thought my list would be longer but I guess that about covers it. How about you? What do you want to accomplish this year? Happy 2009 Everyone!



TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Steph, I don't remember what I wrote previously, but since I'm presently coming back from a sports injury AND I've got one of those fever-colds, I'm all about HEALTH. My goal is to be fit, slim and healthy.

Anonymous said...

The third resolution sounds great. I hope your family will have a nice with together. For 2009 I wanna do great at uni, stay fit, read more books and share them with everyone ; )

Natalie Hatch said...

Steph I'm with you on the lose weight, sell a book, and take a holiday with my wonderful family. Catch up with old friends and take time to do a bit of upkeeping on myself would be great to add to my list. Here's to a wonderful 2009.

Manifestation said...

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Me said...

We definitely have some resolutions in common, Steph. Lose weight--check. Sell another book--check. Take a family vacation (at Christmas, we vow to every year, but usually forget until it's too late)--check. Save money--check.

I would add a couple. Write every day. Declutter my apartment (and life). Go out more (aka leave the writer's cave).

Marley Gibson said...

Great resolutions, Steph! Mine are simple...continued weight loss, exercise more, eath healthier and do everything I can to promote the pootinky out of my GHOST HUNTRESS series. = )

C.R. Evers said...

I love goals. my writing goals are:

1) send out my current WIP to a min. of 2 agents and 2 editors (I have specific names. not just random)

2) Polish up the manuscript I did for NaNo. I have hopes that there's some potential in that pile of word frenzy! :0P

3) Create another outline for NaNO in October and participate in Nano again in Nov.

4) Attend my local SCBWI conference and have my NaNo project ready to submit for critique

5) I also want to attend at least one writing retreat. (fingers crossed)

I love talking about goals Great post!

Heather Davis said...

Well, we'll miss you at the conference, Steph -- but taking the fam on vacation will be well worth it. A real vacation -- not work/writing related -- is on my list for 2009, along with taking better care of myself, in all ways!