Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Winter and Motivation

Living in a tropical climate (Houston) I think I kind of forgot what winter feels like. While I know that Oklahoma City is not in full on winter mode, the signs are definitely here. Dead leaves blowing around the yard. Crisp blue skies, ultra-dry air, and fleece-worthy temperatures. Holiday-themed beverages at my favorite writing spot.

Minus the ultra-dry air, these are some of my favorite things about the winter season. Here are some other wintry things I'm looking forward to:
  • The first ice storm, when all the leafless trees turn into crystalline sculptures.
  • Lazy nights in front of the fire with a warm blanket, a cup of cider or cocoa, and a holiday movie. (Current fave is Holiday in Handcuffs, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez.)
  • Footprints in the snow.
  • Scarves and mittens.

In other news, I'm am speeding toward my deadline lightning fast and (since certain editorial type peoples insist my deadline is a fuzzy, movable line) I have come up with the greatest motivation ever. I've been talking about getting a dog for ages. I put it off in Houston because I never had the free cash for the pet deposit. But now that I'm (temporarily) at my parents' house, it's fair game. So, here is my motivation:
When I turn in my book I'm getting a dog!
Hooray! So, do you have any bits you love (or hate) about winter? Or any suggestions on how to pick out a dog (I'm going to a pound or an adoption agency, so I'm not looking for a specific breed)? Or any funny stories about how you got your pet?


OH. MY. GODS. and GODDESS BOOT CAMP (out now!)
FORGIVE MY FINS (coming June 1, 2010)


TinaFerraro said...

Along the lines of winter and pets, I must share that my 3 month old kitten met "wind" this morning, and was completely freaked out. She couldn't figure out why her bushes and trees kept rattling at her, and finally ran back to me, moewing for comfort. Very cute.

And how terrific that you're getting a dog! My recommendation--which I use for my own pets--is simply to be open to opportunity.

Heather Davis said...

Yay! I love dogs, Tera. That is a great motivation for finishing your book. ;)

All I can say about new pet ownership is to make sure they have a little basket in your writing room, so they can be near you. Harper likes to sit on my lap or shoulders when I write... ignorning the cat bed on the floor. At the pound, she picked me more than I picked her. Good luck in your pooch search!

True Desert Tales said...

I have had and loved dogs all through my life but for me, the perfect one was the one who matched my personality. Fendi was a standard poodle.

sarah said...

How I got my cat...

I went to the shelter for months... like 18 of them after deciding on getting a cat. I saw and cuddled many over those months.

Then I went in one day.

There was this litter of 4 orange tabbies. 1 boy, 3 girls. (just like my family!)

And one of the girls was lying in the back of the kennel while the other two girls were climbing the door. (They had separated the boy out.)

And I knew it.

I knew she was the one.

It was the "dear god, make them stop" look she had.

And seven years later, the 10 week old kitten I took home is still a good fit. :)

If you have Animal Planet - I would suggest watching the Dog 101 show - might at least get some ideas. And my sis-in-law has a retired greyhound.

stephhale said...

I am so excited about this, Tera. I actually think the dog will choose you! You'll just see it and know! We were going to get the boys a puppy for Christmas because we really miss having a dog but decided against it until Boston's allergies are under control. Can't wait to see pics.