Saturday, November 21, 2009

A trip to the V-E-T

This week both my blog sister Tina Ferraro and I had to take our beloved fur-children to the
V-E-T. My baby Ash needed to go in for his yearly vaccinations and h e threw the biggest fit getting into his carrier. He cried mournfully like a pathetic kitty in the car and when we got there he hissed at the lovely lady doctor! What a brat.

I don't know how Tina handled all THREE of hers :)

Today's post is devoted to pictures of Ash in various moments of sleep and cuddles (and when he's not going to the V-E-T)

I forget what a brat he is when he looks so angelic!

He loves to sleep curled up next to me.

MMMM, feet!

Just surfing Facebook, mom :)
Who has good trip to the v-e-t stories to share?
Dona Sarkar-Mishra


Marley Gibson said...

Awww...big, sloppy hugs to Ash and to Tina's fur babies. Glad they're all home safe and healthy.

Can't wait to get new fur babies...soon...soon...

Bookworm said...

So cute!

TinaFerraro said...

LOL, thanks. Our trip went well, in fact, we learned that our (rather plump) older cat has lost a whole pound, thanks to food competition and more exercise opportunities. So that was fun!

Heather Davis said...

So that is the tyrant running the house? I thought he would have a tough leather jacket. ;)

Celise said... have a Tabby,too! Ours is named Sweetpea and she's done the same thing. My hubby will pull down the carrier, open the door and leave it out in the open. We're hoping she'll get in on her own, but that never works. And now she knows that if she pushes hard enough, the door will open! The latch doesn't work very well. But she crowds up in the back, turns her back to us, and meows her head off. LOL

When we get in the room, we let her prowl around because she can't go anywhere. And when my hubby trying to hold her still on the table, she either tries to bury her head in his elbow or climb up his chest. LOL. Poor thing. She HATES the v-e-t, but what animal does, y'know? I don't like goingto the doctor,either. By the time you get in there to see the person, your so anxietal you may need a Valium to calm down.