Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Calendars

It's the first day of December (duh) which also means it's the first real day of the Christmas season. Growing up, one of my favorite parts about December (aside from all the presents near the end bit) was having an Advent Calendar.

Usually it was made of lightweight cardboard with a brightly colored picture on the front. On each of the first 25 days of December I got to punch out the number corresponding to the date to get my prize. Usually a small piece of tree-, santa-, reindeer-, or gift-shaped chocolate.

From the ages of 2 to 12 that was enough.

But these days I'm excited by more unique advent calendars. One which you can fill yourself with a variety of treats, prizes, or little gifts. I found some darling ones on Etsy.com (which is also a secret vice, but that's another post).

I absolutely adore this advent calendar made of a string of mini stockings from karlacola.

I love this Christmas tree made of stacked, craft paper-covered boxes from LBlal001.

Or, for more flexibility, there are these adorable cotton baggies from nuvonova.

Now, the real question is: What would you put in your advent calendar?


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TinaFerraro said...

Very cute! We have a quilt-like Advent calendar with tiny presents that you can Velcro on each day of the month. But in truth, it's been a while since we've used it as my kids are basically grown now!

Marjolein Reads said...

I just bought a Hello Kitty advent calendar, Kitty+chocolate= cute and yummie!

stephhale said...

The boys each have a cardboard one that they can't wait to tear into each morning. I've been looking for the perfect wooden one but haven't found it yet.

Heather Davis said...

Um... chocolate, of course! I loved advent calendars when I was a kid, simply because of the cheap, yet yummy chocolates inside. These days, I don't know - maybe a giant one that could hold books?