Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hats off to the Class of 2011!

Congratulations to all of the graduates in the Class of 2011! I bet you thought you'd never get here. Hats off to you for your accomplishment and best wishes in your future endeavors where ever they may lead you.

I remember being in middle school and counting ahead to the year when I would graduate. It seemed so far in the future. Now, I look back and it seems so far in the past. Why, when I graduated in 1885...errrr, I mean 1985, the members of the class of 2011 weren't even a twinkle in their parents' eyes.

Even though Tera already posted a link to old photos of me, I'll go ahead and toss some up.

Here I am last year when I visited "the hill," where Pike Liberal Art School sits in Troy, Alabama. The campus has changed quite a bit, but there was still the same familiar feel on the soil that I walked for twelve years.


Here's my senior portrait. Keep in mind, this was back in the days when thick eyebrows and girl mullets were the fashion. LOL!


I had twenty-eight (28) people in my senior class. We were a really tight-knit group through our years together from first grade until twelth. It seemed as if our world would end being "busted up," but so many people have gone on to wonderful lives. Careers that include, the military, lawyer, policeman, several school teachers, nurses, and even a district judge! Then there's little old me...the published author. Who'd a thunk it? LOL!

Here's our senior portfolio. I'm on the top line because I was a class officer. This is hanging in the hallway at my alma mater, along with all of the other classes. (Check out the big hair on everyone!) Sadly, there's a prayer hand notation on one of my classmates who passed away.


Actually, when I left high school for The University of Alabama, I had planned on getting a degree in psychology and then going forward into medical school. That all changed after my freshman year at Bama when I my creative juices took over in my communication and writing classes and I longed to go into marketing/advertising/public relations. Now *that's* a switch!

That's the great thing about this time in your life. You can change your mind. You can try on dreams and ideas and see what fit. The only thing that matters is that you discover who you are...and who you want to be...and don't let anyone or anything hold you back from your dream, whatever it may be.

So...congrats to the class of 2011! I wish you success and happiness!

Marley = )


1110cg said...

I like your pictures!

Wendy Toliver said...

Whoa, what a teensy class! Mine was around 500 if I remember correctly. Great pix!

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, only 28 in your grad class? I was well over 500. (Wait, did I write the same thing that Wendy did? LOL.) Anyway, fun to learn more about you and see your pictures!

And congrats to the class of 2011!

Kari said...

My class was about 250, and the Class of 2010 was better than 2011...Just sayin' XD

1110cg said...

My class is 750!!!

Marley Gibson said...

750 people??? I bet you met someone new each day! Wow...I can't fathom that!

stephhale said...

I didn't think anybody would have me beat with a smaller class, Marley, but you did it. :) I think we had 78. I LOVE that pic of you.

sunnynikki said...

Same students for 12 years, wow, I knew the same people through school but it wasn't like that, I bet leaving them after graduation was sad.