Monday, May 16, 2011

Twitter Talk

I joined Twitter a couple months ago, and have been making attempts to post and follow others’ posts.

But what was confusing me was these conversations that seemed to be going back and forth between people. While I “got” that they were directing comments to each other with the @ sign, what boggled my mind was how they caught them all? Didn’t things get past them?

That’s when I found out about something called @Mentions. When someone directs a comment at you, it’s stored in a separate place. (I’ll bet you already knew that!) I went there and found a slew of people who’d asked me questions or directed comments at me. Yikes! I went into catch-up mode, and I think I’m good now.

So thought I’d throw it out to the online world to educate me in anything else “fancy” at Twitter that I might be missing.

And please feel free to join me there. I’m am known as:


(Apparently, the Tina Ferraros of the world beat me to Twitter, and I could not get any variation of my name.)


Tina Ferraro
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Janie Emaus said...

I learned the about that "mentions" feature about a month ago when a site I write for started mentioning me. Let me know what else you learn. It's a bit confusing to me.

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Janie!

And I have a question: if you make a mistake in a Tweet, can you delete it (and repost), the way you can with a facebook status?

TinaFerraro said...

That question is out there for anyone to answer...

stephhale said...

I joined Twitter about a year ago and used it for a couple of weeks. I just couldn't quite get the hang of it and it just felt like too much work so I haven't been back.

Heather Davis said...

Hey Tina,

Yeah, you can delete it, but it may have already been read by people. I follow Steve Martin and he makes a lot of mistakes and then posts a second tweet correcting the first. It's actually pretty funny. So, tweet away!