Tuesday, May 24, 2011

High School TLC

My senior picture.
This week we're celebrating high school seniors and graduation. High school graduation feels like forever ago, and I've done so many crazy things since then. On the day of my graduation, I planned to go to Columbia University in New York City to study architecture and eventually become a world famous architect like Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, or Robert A.M. Stern. But plans change. Here's what really happened:

Went to Columbia, University of Colorado, back to Columbia, SHSU, and Tufts. Lived in New York, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Wanted to become a lawyer, architect, environmental biologist, actress, muralist, scenic artist, teacher, professor and finally writer.

My graduation picture.
I often wonder what my friends have done since high school. I'm not in touch with most of them, but every so often I hear from one. Sometimes I try to track someone down on Facebook or something. I know my best friend is married with babies. Many of my friends are still in or around the town where we went to high school.

I always had bigger plans than my friends. I wanted to go farther away, do more exciting things, be a bigger name in the end. Maybe it's because I grew up moving around the country, so big changes didn't scare me. They still don't, obviously, since I'm about to move across the country again. (Seattle here I come!)

I've always been a planner, but I've also always been willing to let me plans change. And I'm definitely happy with how my plans are working out so far.

So, what are/were your plans when you graduate(d) from high school? Big or small? Close to home or far away? Did you/are you/will you accomplish them?


PS. If you want to see more embarrassing high school pictures, check out my post from High School Week back in 2008. Tina, Marley, StephHeather, Dona (sort of) and ex-Buzz Girl Simone shared, too.



1110cg said...

All I know is I want a change of scenery for college.

Kari said...

The only plans I had was to NOT go to school (which my mother made me enroll in anyway and I ended up liking) and to become a writer. I'm working on the writer part, but I'm also working towards my degree in teaching, which my frineds all find hilarious because I don't like kids XD

TheMermaidGuru said...

I actually graduated last week! :D I'm proudly attending Arizona State University next year where I will major in creative writing and minor in theater!

1110cg said...

congrats emilimcg

stephhale said...

Great pics, TLC!!!

Heather Davis said...

Cute pics, Tera.

And, I'm glad you wanted something bigger! You've brought so much to the readers of the world - that's as awesome as designing a cool building, I think. :)

sunnynikki said...

My high school plans involved finishing a college in four years and then working in my field of choice. I did finish in four years but I've kind of bounced around a bit job wise, always on the edge of my field but never actually in it.