Friday, February 08, 2008

Interview with Rand Bachrach aka Aspen's B/F

Shia. Sigh. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the author's "dream" actor to play the part of Rand Bachrach. **Note to Shia's agent: The movie rights to my novel, Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, are shockingly, still available. Discuss with Shia and get back to my agent with an offer.** Okay, moving on.

I'm on location in Las Vegas(the site of my third book, Spring Break-up), at the Pirate's Cove hotel, just getting ready to pull out a chair to sit down when an arm reaches around me and pulls it out for me. I glance up, not surprised at all, to see Rand Bachrach grinning back at me. I delicately take a seat. Rand scoots me up then rushes around to the other side to take a seat across from me. I can't help but notice that spring break really agrees with him. He looks adorable in camo cargo shorts and a black T-shirt, which bears a skull and crossbones wearing a bandana, that says, You had me at Yo Ho.

Me: Nice shirt, Rand.

Rand: Aspen bought it for me.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Rand: Oh, that's right. So how are you, Stephanie?

Me: Um, I'm fine, thanks. It's always nice spending time with you, Rand. I think you are one of the last true gentlemen. Please don't share this with Aspen but I get tons more fan mail about you then I do her. You have fan girls all over that fall asleep at night dreaming about meeting a guy like you.

Rand: (seriously blushing and nervously swiping his curls behind his ears) Oh, wow, that's so flattering. I don't think I'm anything too special though.

Me: Sigh, and you're modest. Aspen seems to think that you are pretty special.

Rand: I guess I have you to thank for that. Seriously. I want to thank you. My family owns the largest chocolate factory in the world you know. I don't want to brag but we are kind of hooked up. So if there is anything you need, just let me know.

Me: Aspen told you the title of the third book, didn't she?

Rand: She might have mentioned a little something over our romantic dinner at the Wynn last night. And I know celebrity breakups really sell...but if you could just reconsider.

Me: You guys are so not celebrities. You don't even have a nickname. Whatever. Let's get back on track and focus on your sequel, Twisted Sisters. Is it safe to say that I gave you some obstacles to overcome your first semester of college?

Rand: Yeah, being a Nu (author note: Rand was handpicked to join the Nu's, the most prestigious frat on campus) got me into a few spots. The guys are great though. They respect that I'm going to stand up for myself and not get into any situations that I'm not comfortable with. I got kind of freaked when Aspen started spending so much time on her new mystery and kind of acted out.

Me: Acted out, huh? That's really introspective. I don't suppose you being insanely threatened by your roommate played a part at all, did it?

Rand: (Bangs a fist on the table sending my spoon flying) I could wipe the floor with that guy if you would just make me a teensy bit bad a$$ sometimes.

Me: Whoa, touched a nerve there. I'll take that under advisement for the third novel, Rand.

Rand: I'm sorry about that, but you know how bad that guy burns me.

Me: But I'm sure that you know that I have to give the characters in your world, goals, motivations, and conflicts.

Rand: I have a great story idea. How about Aspen and I go away to a deserted tropical island?

Me: Yeah, I'm feeling that. And how about the island is inhabited by a cannabalistic tribe that you guys are constantly outrunning, and you and Aspen battle killer jellyfish, and try to subsist on coconuts for months at a time. Hold on, let me get a pen.

Rand: Why can't we just be together without all the drama?

Me: (Laughing hysterically) Aspen and no drama? (Nearly falls out of chair laughing so hard)It could be worse. I could have put you up in the Monte Carlo.

Rand: That's not even funny. Aren't you at all worried about Lance Burton's future? Not to be rude, but are we done here?

Me: (Wipes tears of laughter and composes self) Ah, yes. Thank you so much for meeting me and I hope you like what I have planned for your future with Aspen.

Rand: (eyes light up) Just that you used the word future and Aspen is enough for me. (Rand gets up from the table, takes my hand and kisses the top, then practically skips out of the coffeeshop leaving a ton of wagging tongues behind him)

If you want to read more about Rand, and his future with Aspen, I hope you'll pick up Twisted Sisters on April 1st! :)



Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, OUT NOW!


TinaFerraro said...

(waving raised hand) I want to read more! I want to read more!

So good thing I've already pre-ordered TWISTED SISTER, huh?

Thanks for this interview, Steph. Rand is a yummy as ever!

Me said...

Aw, Rand. I mean Shia. Er, Rand. That reminds me that I have something to send to you. No, it's not Shia-in-a-box. Not exactly.

Fun interview. I can't wait to read more of Rand and Aspen (oops, I mean ASPEN and Rand) in TWISTED SISTERS and find out how they take their romance to the college level.

Peace, Love and ME! said...

Rand sounds like a megga hottie, and if he looks anything like Shia, than omgsh...he is a hottie!!!

I can't wait for Twisted Sisters!
Great interview!


TJ Brown said...

Great interview! I lurve Rand.

Marley Gibson said...

Great interview! Can't wait to read TWISTED SISTER!!!