Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Interviewing Ishaan....

I am so desperate to get my hands on (figuratively of course! ) Ishaan Banerjee, the closest thing to a hero my latest book HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI has, that I am willing to go where I have never gone before...the New Joliet High School varsity men's soccer practice.


I immediately spot Ishaan straddling a bench, listening to his Zune and staring off into the distance. I also immediately realize he is even better looking than I imagined. He has a striking resemblance to Mohinder from HEROES.

(Dona approaches warily.)

DS: Uh, hi. Ishaan.

IB: Hey. Hi. Heard you were in town. What's going on? Have a seat.

DS (sits hesitantly...doesn't want to beamed in the head by a soccer ball): So, what's going on today? Are you guys getting ready for some big game?

IB: Yes, we're playing Hartford on Saturday....we're pretty psyched about it though. We beat them, we're headed to state.

DS (nods like she understands any of that): Wow, that's great. So, how's school this year? Senior year, right? Ready for college?

IB: My parents are making me crazy.

DS: They're Indian. It's kind of their job.

IB: Yeah, well. They could give me a break once in a's always Ishaan, you must become a doctor. Next day, Ishaan, you must become an engineer. Next day, Ishaan, you must find the cure for cancer while developing the next version of the space shuttle....

DS: They can't be that bad.

IB: (gives me a look)

DS: Yeah, I have Indian parents too....they actually can be like that. So, how's everything else. Friends?

IB (raises one eyebrow): Anyone specific you have on your mind?

DS: I was going to ask about your friend Issa.

(Ishaan narrows his eyes in my direction. )

IB:What about her?

DS: Now that she's not dating...

IB: The new guy?

DS: Rake. Yeah.

IB: Or the old guy.

DS: Adam. Also, yeah.

IB: Do I want to date her. Is that what you're going to ask?

DS: Uh, yeah. (taken aback at how direct and forthcoming this 17 year old is. He meets my eyes squarely)

IB: Yeah, what?

DS: Do you want to date her?

IB: I don't know. Do I?

DS: Um...well, I don't know--

IB: Come on, Ms. Big-shot author. Tell me. Do I want to date her?

DS: Hey! Why are you harrasing me?

(Ishaan looks away)

IB: Sorry.

DS: Girl troubles? (I supply helpfully)

(Ishaan eyes me suspiciously.)

IB: Who told you?

DS: Uh, no one?

IB: Issa?

DS: No.

IB: Gigi?

DS: No

IB: You just happened to figure it out?

DS: Well, I am your creator and all--

IB: You're worse than my mom.

(Teenage boys! I swear!!!!)

So I got no info from Ishaan, but hoped you all enjoyed a little peek into the world of HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI
Dona Sarkar-Mishra
HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI -- out now!


stephhale said...

Hilarious interview, Dona! And what a little hottie! Glad you didn't get beamed with any soccer balls.

TinaFerraro said...

I was going to say "wonderful dialogue, Dona," but then I remembered, of course, you didn't write it as much as report on it. ;)

In any case, great fun!

Unknown said...

Hilarious! Very authentic--look me a minute to realize it was your character!

He's hot!

Unknown said...

That was supposed to say "took" not "look."

KT said...

that was so cute! :)

Peace, Love and ME! said...

haha, that was a perfect representation of the teenage boy. loooved it!


Marley Gibson said...

LOL, Dona!!! What a goregous guy! Great interview.

Anonymous said...

haha, the indian parents thing is so true.

mohinder is gorgeous....
i always feel so weird saying that, b/c that's my dads name..