Monday, February 04, 2008

Tina Ferraro, Roving Reporter...

I’m standing in a crowded school hallway in eastern Washington state today to interview Jason “Dal” Dalrymple from How to Hook a Hottie.

People pass in groups, many nodding his way. Dal isn’t the most popular guy in the school or necessarily the easiest to talk to, but he’s a hot looking senior, and he’s partners with Kate DelVecchio in a “hottie hooking” business that has gotten them quite a lot of attention.

Tina: Thanks for meeting with me, and I’ll be quick. I know you’ve got Econ in a few minutes.

Dal: No worries. I can be a minute or two late.

Tina: You're not “Kate the Overachiever" who always has to be on time and prepared?

Dal: (small smile)

Tina: Who would you say you are? “Dal the...”

Dal: (flicks some hair from his eyes) I'm supposed to answer that?

Tina: Well, yeah, that’s what we’re doing here, an interview. On the Internet, I might add, in hopes people find you interesting and want to read more about you.

Dal: Yeah...I don't know.

Tina: Okay...that time you and Kate hugged out on the quad, it started out all warm and friendly, but then you pulled her close and wouldn’t let her go...what was really going on there?

Dal: (shakes head)

Tina: It'll be our secret.

Dal: You said it’s going on the Internet.

Tina: Yeah, well, so maybe a million people will read it. But not Kate. I won't tell her about it, and she'll never be the wiser. 'Fess up.

Dal: The bell’s about to ring.

Tina: You said you didn’t care if you were late for class.

Dal: Nice talking to you.

I sigh and tuck my notebook into my purse as he saunters off. Wanting to call him back, to remind him that he's a romance novel hero, thank you very much, and therefore basically required to give me pithy banter. But remembering that just as in real life, attractive guys come in all shapes and forms, including strong, silent types. Which obviously I like since I created him--and married one.


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Anonymous said...

I thought of transferring to your school, in order to meet you, but I knew from the start that no one could keep you away from Kate. You guys belong together.


TJ Brown said...

Great school! :)

Me said...

Dal is a wily one! Anyone who can evade you so easily has to have some mad skills. But you're right, he's such a hottie. I would totally let him hug me in a crowded, freezing quad.

Wendy Roberts said...

Too funny LOL! Great interview :)

TinaFerraro said...

Janie, yeah, you'd have your work cut out for you to get Dal away from Kate! :)

Thanks, TJ, TLC and Wendy...interviewing Dal was fun!

stephhale said...

Ya just gotta love the strong, silent types! Fun interview, Tina. I hope you didn't get shoved in a locker after the interview or anything. It's rough in those halls.. :)

the story siren said...

love the interview!! i can't help but have a little crush on dal. what a sweety!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Steph, yeah, I came out unscathed. :)

And Story Siren, so glad you have a little crush on Dal. He's definitely crush-worthy!

Peace, Love and ME! said...

Oh man, i wanted to read this book before, but with silent strong hotties def. just sold me on it!

great interview!

Marley Gibson said...

Love this interview!! Can't wait to read HTHAH that's been sitting next to my bed, shunned because of my massive stack of Rita books. But it's the first read as soon as I can do it! = )