Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Last Sunday we turned our clocks ahead an hour, and this one denotes the official first day of spring!

Students and teachers are either on their way back from spring breaks, kicking them off, and eagerly anticipating them...and Passover and Easter are getting steadily closer.

In Los Angeles, we are “celebrating” with an extended rainstorm, and up in our ski areas, it’s snow/snow/snow. How are you marking the news that spring has sprung? With a break from school, planting a garden, maybe working out a little toward your summer swimsuit?


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stephhale said...

The kids are returning to school tomorrow from spring break. We were lucky that they had some really nice weather. It looks like we are in for some March rainstorms this week! :)

Heather Davis said...

Yay, spring!

We had sun yesterday, but it's back to rain up here today. To celebrate (?) spring, I usually do the spring cleaning thing/closet emptying. Not very celebratory, but it's so much nicer in my place now and it feels good to donate stuff I don't use. As for the workouts, well...

Cara King said...

I'm celebrating spring by rolling back the carpets and putting down rags to sop up all the water coming through the wall. :-/

However, I also watched Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" last night -- very spring-ish!


Steph said...

Spring break for me is next month, so I'm still waiting. But during school today, it was snowing pretty hard. It didn't really stick in the area where I go to school, but it's covering the grass that I missed these past few months. :( We had a few nice, spring days this weekend, but now we're back to a rainy-snow thing going on. Blah! (By the way, I live in Connecticut, and the weather isn't usually like this at this time of year, so it's REALLY weird... haha)