Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save Us Spartacus

Part of me really wants to post something about the disaster in Japan today, but I think it's still too raw (and continuing and uncertain) for me to write about yet. So instead I'll take my cue from Tina (one of my favorite things to do here on the Buzz blog) I'm going to talk about a favorite premium cable TV show.


I blame Sophie Jordan for my introduction to Spartacus. (And True Blood for that mattercurse her and her irresistible premium cable channels!)

The tag line for season one was Blood and Sand and boy is that fitting. I have never seen a bloodier show. It's almost B-movie horror flick epic proportions of blood, but there is something magical about the cinematography that turns it into more of an artistic effect than a gory mess.

It is the amazingly emotional story of a Thracian soldier who, betrayed by Rome, is sold into slavery and becomes a gladiator. His wife is also taken and he is driven to win by the desire to earn his freedom and find her. The title character is played by Andy Whitfield. (Yum, yum. Yum, yum-yum, yum.)

And he's Welsh, to boot!

(Sadly, Andy had to bow out of the series to undergo treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Think good thoughts for this sexy, talented man.)

If you're looking for a show that appeals to guys (action and intrigue andsince this is premium cableplenty of ladies without their clothes) and girls (hot sweaty warrior guys, 'nuff said) that has both wonderful stories and strong emotional journeys, and you're not afraid of a little (a whole freakin' lot of) blood, the definitely give Spartacus a try. It's available instantly via Netflix.

Now excuse me while I go catch up on season two, Gods of the Arena.




TinaFerraro said...

Thanks for this endorsement, Tera. My son has been watching it, but he and I don't always enjoy the same shows. I will check this out!

Heather Davis said...

Ooh! Instant watch on Netflix? I will have to check it out, Tera!

stephhale said...

I've never watched but I know several people who love it. :)