Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Storms: Hot or Not?

The weather is changing here in Oklahoma (finally!) and signs of Spring are all around. Grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and storms are brewing. I have to admit ... I love storms. I hate the destruction that sometimes come with them (tornadoes and hurricanes for example) but I adore a good thunderstorm.

I can practically smell the ozone in this pic by -Qualsiasi.

On a stormy night I'll open the window in my room and lie there in the dark listening to wind, thunder, and rain pinging against the window. Ironically, storms make me feel peaceful. If I could sleep outside in a storm (without floating away or getting toasted by lightning) I would.

And as much as I love storms, I love the day after almost as much. The skies are a clearer blue than usual, the air is fresh, and the natural world comes to life with signing birds and frolicking wildlife.

What about you? Do you love a good symphony or thunder and lightning? Or do you hide under your blankets and hope it passes by quickly?




stephhale said...

I'm with you, Tera. I have always absolutely loved thunderstorms. I can remember someone telling me when I was little that when it storms that means that the angels are bowling in heaven. I've always loved that thought. :)

TinaFerraro said...

Me, too! Love them!

Cayla Kluver said...

I love storms. I don't know if I'd sleep outside in one, but I love the feeling of the outside world being chaos and me being safe and insulated in my bed. :)

Jess Day said...

I love thunderstorms!! But I prefer them in the summer, not the spring.

nymfaux said...

I'm kind of flip-flopping--I'm with you guys, because I feel the quiet and peace, and enjoy it...But then I moved to a place where it almost always LOOKS like it's going to rain, but almost never does. And when it DOES, it can rain and pour for days at a time, without any storm--no thunder or lightning--just rain and wind and flooded streets...at first it starts to rain, and it's exciting, but then there's no break, it never lets up, and it's also so quiet without the cracks of thunder, or the flashes of lightning, and I start to get this eerie feeling wondering if it will let up, and how long it can last like that. I grew up with scattered showers and summer storms that last hours instead of days. Right now, it just feels like we're in between floods.

Heather Davis said...

Storms can be scary - but I know what you mean about the freshness the next day, Tera.

We often get windstorms in the NW (as you'll soon see) that knock down trees, power lines, cause havoc for the ferries on the Sound. Occasionally we get a thunderstorm that really rocks the town.