Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's new with Steph?

I'm loving this week...catching up on news from all the Buzz Girls! And we've got an incredible giveaway! Keep reading for more deets.

It was awesome to chat with Stephanie on what's been going on in her world.

Hey Steph! How has 2011 been treating you so far?

STEPHANIE: I can't believe it is already March and almost time for the RWA Rita finalists to be announced already. I don't know where the year has gone!!

I know! Time flies... So, tell our readers what you're currently working on?

STEPHANIE: I'm currently working away on a new YA novel. I wish I could tell the readers more but I'm very superstitious about discussing new works. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to announce a new sale and tell you all about it. I'm extremely lucky with have our own Tina Ferraro as a critique partner and she has helped me so much!

That's great...and we've got our fingers crossed on a new sale soon! So tell you have any upcoming events or signings where people can catch you?

STEPHANIE: I had really hoped to be in NYC for RWA Nationals this year, but I don't think it is going to work out. Unless I win the lottery, then I'm totally there. Ha. I hope to be in LA with the Buzz Girls at RT in spirit though and I expect pictures of hot guys.

Yeah, I'm a little worried about RT as a first-timer. Don't know what to expect! LOL! Can you tell us what inspires you as an author?

STEPHANIE: If I'm having a day when I think my writing isn't good, or just feeling down about things, I like to re-read fan emails. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have kept people up turning pages when they should have been sleeping. Or that someone got something positive from your writing that you didn't even originally intend. These are the things that inspire me.

That is so true! In this digital and automatic age, it's so easy for authors to connect with their fans...and their appreciation and e-mails really DO make a difference and keep us going.

Thanks for sharing what's up with you! And if you haven't already read Steph's books, what are you waiting for? Check her out at enter our contest to win the fabulous jewelry, please leave a comment or question for Stephanie.

Thanks again, Steph!!!

Marley = )

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TinaFerraro said...

So wonderful to wake to this interview with the lovely Stephanie Hale, whose books make me FEEL and make me LAUGH...and whose keen eye on my stories is so appreciated!

And if I may whisper to the world: her work-in-progress is amazing, and I am sure you'll all be hearing about it/reading it in the future.

stephhale said...

Thanks for the great interview, Marley. :)

Tina, you made my day! :)

Heather Davis said...

Great interview, guys! I can't wait to hear about the top secret project once it's sold! :)


Wendy Toliver said...

Great to catch up with you, Steph! Hope to hear news on your WIP in due time. And your web-site has always been one of my absolute faves!

Jessica said...

I just read your newest book and really loved it. Congrats on the new project! Can't wait to hear about it once it's further along in the works.

Steph said...

I just want to say that I really love how your blog works. I've been there before, but I forgot how awesome it's set up. I love how it's interactive and informative. I also love that you look back at your fans when you're writing for inspiration and just need a little boost to keep going with your writing. Well, good luck with whatever the rest of 2011 holds! :)

Llehn said...

What is your writing mantra in 15 words or less?

stephhale said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and well-wishes. Llehn, I think my writing manta is probably, 'I think I can, I think can!' :)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read these books!!

Me said...

Great interview, Steph and Marley, and I love that writing mantra! I love top secret projects (I heard once that if you tell someone about a story then you lose the drive to write it!) and can't wait to hear all about yours when it's done. :)