Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Book-to-Movie: THE STAND Stands Tall

I never would have read my favorite-book-turned-into-a-movie if I hadn’t been broke. It was my first apartment, my first experience with making a paycheck last, and the only unread book I had around was a Stephen King novel that a friend had left after visiting me.

Horror was not my genre--especially now that I was living alone. But out of desperation for a new read (that I didn’t have to pay for), I cracked it open. And almost immediately, my world spun off its axis...

Yeah, it was horror...but it was also some of the most vivid, memorable characters and storylines I’d ever read.

It’s a big book--800+ pages--and I took it everywhere until I finished. Almost immediately, I started it again because I couldn’t get the characters out of my mind.

So...years later, when a TV movie was announced, I was filled with trepidation. How could they possibly do my favorite book justice?

Part One came, and I sat down warily. Only to be so totally swept up by the intro scene and the music (“Don’t Fear The Reaper” was a genius choice) that I fell just as hard and fast. The casting and acting was terrific, the story closely followed the book, and some parts gave me even greater insights into the characters and storyline.

So, now? The person who didn’t read horror owns THE STAND in the three book formats (paperback, original hardcover version and unabridged hardcover), and the movie in two (VHS and DVD). As well as most every other book Stephen King has written.

A special shout-out to the friend who left the paperback on my coffee table all those years ago!

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stephhale said...

Great choice, Tina. I don't think anyone would disagree that Stephen King is a genius, even if horror isn't their genre of choice.
My husband & I just watched The Stand again a few weeks ago. It really has some great actors in it and I love that guy who plays Randall Flagg. I always wondered if SK got the characters last name from that bug spray Black Flag that used to be around! :)

Marley Gibson said...

Oh man...I can't tell you how much I loved this book (my only Stephen King novel) and how much I loved the mini-series. I thought they did a great job with the subject matter. THE STAND is one of the most vivid books I think I've ever read. I used to read it during my lunch hour, but found I was losing my appetite. I think I lost about five pounds reading the book! LOL!! Not to mention that ANYTIME someone sneezed on the train or in the store or something, I totally freaked out. Now THAT'S good writing.

Marley = )
...M-O-O-N spells "moon."

stephhale said...

So funny. I came back to write
M-O-O-N spells Tina's favorite book made into a movie, but Marley beat me to it! :)


ps-for those of you who think we've lost it, rent the movie!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

One of these days I plan to read it! I've seen many SK movies and hear only raves about him. :) :)

TinaFerraro said...

Yes, Marley and Steph, M-O-O-N spells one great book...or whatever we want it to spell. And so funny, Steph, that Marley beat you out there.

And you know, Steph, since Randall Flagg is also called The Dark Man (among other names) I've also wondered about Black Flag. Hey, if any of us ever get to meet Stephen King, let's ask!

Kelly, yes, definitely read the book, but I suspect you'll like the movie just as much, if you get that chance first!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
That's the only Stephen King I've ever read. And I loved it. And I really enjoyed the movie, too.


Anonymous said...

i thought the trashcan man was hot. ha! get it? he blew up the nuclear warhead in las vegas. ha! cybola! my life for you!

Me said...

Okay, I feel like the only person on the planet who hasn't read a Stephen King (except for parts of On Writing). The only SK movie I've seen is The Shining--and that only because I've been to the hotel that inspired it!


TinaFerraro said...

Ah, yes, Anon, I immediately got your joke! :)

And TLC, you've got come catching up to do! I recommend starting with...well, The Stand!

stephhale said...

Hey Tera,
I've been to the hotel too, it's so beautiful there.

The guy that played trashcan man used to be on a show called Max Headroom, do you remember that one? It was weird, but I liked it anyway. He was like this animated computer head thing.

Marley Gibson said...

Had to LOL at "Cybola, my life for you!" Ahhh...the TrashCan Man. What a character! And yeah...he was Max Headroom. That was crazy.

I also thought Gary Sinese and Ruby Dee were dead on in the movie -- just like I pictured them in the book.

And TLC, this is the ONLY Stephen King book I've ever read. WELL worth it...trust me. Just don't freak out whenever you hear someone sneeze. :::EG:::

Heather Davis said...

This is another one I haven't read. But, Stephen King really is a great writer. Loved his "On Writing" how to book. I know I've read at least one of his books in addition to that one...

Anonymous said...

i love your book about the how to ruin your summer vacation!its great. you should write another second book continuing about the story of Avi and Amy.. its just so sweett.