Saturday, May 19, 2007

NCW starring....

Yay! I love this week's theme. I get to cast my debut novel, in between doing revisions on my... uh... debut novel.

Never Cry Werewolf

What would you do if you (considered by some, including the parentals, to be the least trustworthy person on the planet) were trusted with your crush's dangerous secret?

Could you avoid crying wolf when the full moon is only days away?
Cue the scary music...

Shelby Locke is a recent transplant to Beverly Hills by way of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her dad's invented a drug that's revolutionized cosemetic surgery procedures and the family is finally rolling in dough. Shelby's a little unsure of herself and where she fits in to the glamourous life, but she does know one thing... she's a little boy crazy. When her stepmother Honeybun catches her out past curfew with a boy again, Shelby's sent to brat camp for the summer. Shelby's not expecting anything more than 'smores and therapy... but then she meets Austin.

My Shelby is... Amber Tamblyn

I've loved Amber since the Joan days, and she was terrific in the Traveling Pants movie. She's got the perfect mix of sarcasm, seriousness, and likability my Shelby needs to possess.

Austin Bridges the III is the son of a British rockstar. He's an artist at heart, very sensitive yet withdrawn since he's hiding the family's hairy little secret. With his anti-change serum confiscated, Austin's got to find a way to break out of camp before the full moon reveals all. In Shelby, he sees someone he can trust and hopefully count on to help him solve the problem.

My Austin is... wait for it.... Heath Ledger!

I know you're all SHOCKED beyond belief that I would pick Heath. :) Actually, I had him in mind (with a little bit of Orlando thrown in for good measure) when I wrote the first draft. He plays the standoffish type really well... yet he's got a warmth to him that makes him so appealing.... yum.

Happy weekend!


Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in 2008 from HarperCollins


TinaFerraro said...

Wonderful choices, Heather, and you have really whet my whistle for this book! Can't wait!

stephhale said...

I really like Amber. She's been good in everything I've seen her in! And Heath, now there's a surprise~ Of course you would be on set everyday while he was making the movie & he would fall madly in love with you. The two of you would live happily ever after eating Nutter Butters. Is that about right?
I hadn't really heard much about your book, Heather, and this makes me even more excited about it. :)

Heather Davis said...

Yes... me and Heath (and his wife) eating Nutter Butters. Still a drool fest. :) I wish I could think of a "younger" actor that would fit the bill -- but Heath in 10 Things is my absolute ideal for Austin. Um... and for me. Well, unless you count Luke Wilson. He's a close second.

Marley Gibson said...

CRACKED up when I logged on and saw the wolf. Too funny. Great casting choices. Can't wait to read the book!

Marley = )

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Wow, Heath seems to be the all-time favorite of the BBGs :)

I love Amber since her GH days as Emily Quartermaine.

Me said...

Yum... Heath is totally wolfy! And I love Amber Tamblyn. She's my second choice for Phoebe--which is funny, since you said Amanda Bynes was your runner up!

Can. Not. Wait!