Saturday, May 12, 2007

Would You Ever... Be on a Reality Show?

Confession time:

I've followed American Idol (AI) from the beginning of the show. Love it. Love the talent show format! And... it's always so amusing to see how many people show up to audition for a shot at stardom, but have had no training at all.

When I taught school, some of the kids would tell me they wanted to be "stars" when they grew up, but they had absolutely no idea how they would do that. They thought it would be a job just to be famous -- which, come on, it is for Paris Hilton -- instead of thinking about the skill and dedication needed to rise to the top in the Arts.

Then again, you take some of the kids that come out for AI -- and they truly do have talent. Exhibit A : Blake Lewis -- from my state! Here he is singing the anthem at the Mariners' baseball game last night. So cute....

He has a great, marketable style and just a cute personality in addition to being a good singer. But would I ever go on American Idol? Heck, no. I can sing, but I'm better off sticking to my other talents. That's a warning to anyone who thinks I'm singing karaoke with them someday!

The problem with all of these shows, though, is that you've got instant notoriety. One day, you're a floppy-haired kid from Federal Way, Washington, the next you're SANJAYA!

So, in my mind it's probably not worth it. :) But if I did go on a reality show -- it would totally be Survivor. I would kick butt on that show -- if I didn't pass out from not eating.

How about you guys? Would you ever be on a reality show? Which one?



Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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stephhale said...

Heather, if I didn't do the superhero post I was going to post the exact same thing, hilarious!
I'm not big on these shows personally, but you can bet that if someone would have had a reality show about authors trying to get published & the prize was a book contract, I would have been the craziest one there!
I think that it is great what the shows have done for people, Elizabeth Hasslebeck, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, etc. that may have never had a chance for the right people to discover their talents without a reality show.
ps- I'm loving Tina's new cover on the side!

TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Steph, thanks for noticing the cover! :)

Heather, I've only watched a few reality shows, but I love Steph's idea of a reality show about trying to get published...that one might have been the one I tried out for, as well.

I would never sing in public, even though I love singing, and I'm not half-bad. The problem is I change octaves at will...which ain't real pretty...

lacey kaye said...

So true. Practice, practice, practice!

Heather Davis said...

I noticed the How to Hook a Hottie cover this morning, too! So cute, Tina. You have been blessed by the cover gods!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Heather! Actually, I've been blessed by an artist named Yuko and a cover designer named Angela, and an editor with great ideas who work together to get that look. Word has it my third cover will follow in the same style. Yea!!!

Me said...

OMG Steph, that is such a great idea. (I bet, even now, some Hollywood exec is trolling our site, coming up with the next big reality show!)

Heather, I am so with you on the Survivor thing! I would totally go on that (and probably be totally blindsided by my alliance because I can be oh so gullible).

This post totally makes me think of an America's Next Top Model "after the show" episode I saw recently. (Oh yeah, I would totally go on that show, too, but... you know. Ha!) Anyway, a model who came in third in the competition went right back to working as a clerk at Walgreen's. It seems like they would have to go through in a few months, what TV/movie has-beens go through over a few years. Yikes, no thanks!


Simone Elkeles said...

THIS post is right up my alley! I would definitely do the Survivor thing except for one thing...I can't eat gross things or I'll gag. I can't eat live cockroaches or drink blood right from a goat...both things that Survivors had to do. If it weren't for that, I'd already have applied!


Marley Gibson said...

Great topic! However, I have to say one word: "no." I'm just not one of those people who wants to be on television. Don't get me wrong...I love my reality shows, but I don't have a desire to be on one. Okay, maybe DEAL OR NO DEAL, but that's a game show, right? LOL!

Yeah to Tina's new cover! Can't wait to get mine up there! = )

TJ Brown said...

Not sure if I could do a reality show. I was asked to apply for wife swap... we decided it wasn't worth it.

alexgirl said...

ON THE LOT! I was totally going to apply because my boyfriend and I make zombie flicks for fun ( but it conflicted with our wedding. Damn it!!
I also kind of wanted to do Whose Wedding Is It Anyway... but it's so overly produced, they would have made it too insane.
Fun topic, Heather!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ooh, I love Blake--I think I'm getting tix to the Idol Tour!