Monday, May 14, 2007

Casting the Sorority Series...and Contest Winner!

We Buzz Girls thought it would be fun if, this week, we played around with casting the characters for our books. My books won't be out until May 2008, but I did want to give a taste for what readers could look forward to.

The Sisterhood Novels revolve around three heroines who all come from different backgrounds. In Rush - A Sisterhood Novel, the three girls meet at Latimer University and share the experience of Sorority Rush.

First, there's Veronica "Roni" Van Gelderen. Roni is from a very wealthy and influential Boston family. However, her upbringing has been very hands off. In an act of rebellion, she turns down the offer of admission to Harvard University to get away from home and find herself at Latimer University in Latimer, Florida.

Roni is tall, thin, beautiful, with long black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She's the kind of girl you want to hate because she's so gorgeous, but you just can't because she's the nicest person ever. In terms of casting her, I thought about Megan Fox (Carla from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen).

Next, there's Jenna Michelle Driscoll. Jenna's the innocent one from a tight-knit family from Atlanta. She's come to Latimer University on a marching band scholarship and she can't wait to embrace college with both arms stretched out. She's bubbly and a little naive, but fun-loving and has a heart of gold. In casting her, I immediately thought of Carrie Underwood of American Idol fame.

Then, there's Lora-Leigh Sorenstein. She's a local girl who longs to bust free from the city limits of Latimer and go off to fashion design school. However, her father is the Dean of Students at Latimer and insists she take advantage of the tuition remission. She really doesn't want to Rush, and is only doing it to please her mother. She's fierce and funny and irreverent and she just might steal your heart. Lora-Leigh has a wild mane of curly hair, so for her, I thought of Kerri Russell of Felicity fame.

Of course, there are guys in the book, but I don't want to give anything away. We'll just say, here are some of the actors who might appear as characters in the books...

Benjamin McKenzie...


Brandon Routh...

And announcement -- CONTEST WINNER in the name a cute boy character! The winner is:

*~*~*~*~* ALEXGIRL *~*~*~*~*

(You'll have to send me your real name for the acknowledgment portion of book four - Spring Formal - A Sisterhood Novel.)

Her entry was:

Piercing blue eyes. A choppy, rocker 'do. He always carries drumsticks in the back pocket of his skinny jeans and taps them in the air when he's bored, kind of a cute, A.D.D. quirk. And I'd call him Zach Daniels. Or Tug McCloud. Or Vaughn.
I'm going to call him Zach Vaughn.

Thanks to everyone who participated! The entries were amazingly good, making it wicked hard to choose a winner.

Marley = )
Sorority Rush Begins - May 2008!
Rush - A Sisterhood Novel
Pledge Class - A Sisterhood Novel
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TinaFerraro said...

Yea for AlexGirl! And while I can't remember many specifics of the other entries, hers stood out in my mind, too!

And I loved your character pictures, Marley! Not only a great-looking bunch, but it gives us a glimpse into their diversities. And as someone who has read your first book, I can say they are a terrific fit.

stephhale said...

Having been one of the lucky ones to have read your book, I think all of those people are perfect! This is going to be a fun week! I wonder if any of us will cast the same people? :)
Congrats, Alex!


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Cool picks/pics! I would like to put in a bid for Ioan Gruffudd to play Chance Wood in Vertigo...and then I will consent to play Emma.

Anonymous said...

congrats alexgirl. guess i didn't win cuz i didn't put my name oh well. can't wait to read the books.

Me said...


Love your casting! I'm a very visual person, and these actresses are spot on for what I pictured. Especially Roni! I can't wait to see everyone's castings.

And congrats AlexGirl for winning the name a character contest.


Anonymous said...

hickroy dickry dock the mouse he ran up da clock

alexgirl said...

Aaaaghh! I won! I won! I can't believe it.
Thanks Marley! I'm so flattered. Your book looks fabulous, btw. Especially Roni's character. She sounds sweet and rebellious. And all your casting is perfect. I've loved Keri Russel ever since Felicity, so she'll make a great Lora-Leigh.
I can't believe I'm going to get an acknowledgment in your book. That is so awesome. I will definitely be mentioning this on my blog! Hope you'll stop by sometime:

Heather Davis said...

Ooh, good job, Marley! They are just as I pictured! This is gonna be a fun week!



Celeste said...

Marley, I can not wait for this book... I'm drooling for it :)