Friday, May 04, 2007

Who do you want in your Entourage?

Please tell me you are watching this season! This is the best show on TV and the best thing about it is that there is at least one boy for every girl to drool over. Here's a list of their attributes so you can decide which one is the best for you.

VINCE- Do you always fall for the leading man? If so, Vince will have you swooning. He's charming, gorgeous, and best of all, rich! When he falls for a girl, he falls hard(think Mandy Moore)but the rest of the time, he's a bit of a womanizer. Be prepared to take a backseat to his friends!

Drama- If you want someone from the same gene pool as the leading man but prefer someone a little bit more sensitive, Drama's your man. If you don't mind a guy who cries more than you do, he's the one for you. In his defense, he's an awesome cook, and he'll soon be making a comeback with his new television series.

Turtle- Are cuddly, laid back guys more your speed? If so, Turtle is the one for you. He loves track suits, video games, sneakers, and smoking pot. He's definitely not the most driven of the bunch but he's struggling to get his career as a music manager off the ground. But if you need to get somewhere fast in a luxury vehicle, Turtle is definitely your man.

E (Eric)- Do you always go for the good guy? Eric is about as wholesome as they come on this show. As Vince's manager he is looking out for him 24/7. He's loyal to his girlfriend and will even go so far as having a threesome if she wants him to. Oh, the sacrifices he'll make! Be prepared to be interrupted a lot by his cell phone.

Ari- Okay, so technically he isn't part of the Entourage anymore, you know that won't last for long. If you want a guy who is money-hungry and so career-driven that he will bulldoze over just about anyone, Ari's your guy. He loves to sneak out of the house to frequent the Playboy mansion but while he loves to oogle the girls, he's devoted. And while his Energizer bunny on crack personality may wear you out at times, just take a look at that bod! You guys just know this is who I want in my entourage!

Ari was supposed to be the last guy but then I realized that some people (Tina) probably aren't going to be happy with their many choices. So for those of you who want the "real" Vince that the show's life is based on here is the executive producer of the show. If you just can't resist a really bad boy gone good, he's the one for you. Be prepared, this guy is intense and takes his work very seriously. On the plus side, if you get attacked in a dark alley while you are with him, it's a pretty sure bet that the other guy will be missing an eye when he comes out.

So who do you want in your personal entourage?
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Me said...

Super fun post, Steph. (And I will not tempt your wrath and tell you the status of my watching the show.)

I think I would have to go for Vince--and not just because it's Adrian Grenier, whom I've love ever since Drive Me Crazy! I go weak for the "bad boy" who falls hard for his lady. (That whole, sucker for a girl bit that Marley brought up.)

TinaFerraro said...

LOL, Steph, you read my mind! Yep, I'll go with the Exec Producer, the Bad Boy Gone Good. In recent interviews he says the writers are no longer using snippets from his life since nobody cares about nanny troubles. :) But Mark's my guy, through and through!

Great post!

Simone Elkeles said...


Suddenly I find my self not picky! I'd take any one of them!


Lisa Asanuma said...

I can't believe I've never seen ANY of this show. I completely fell for the main boy when he was in Devil Wears Prada, and I've always been a Jeremy Piven aficionado.

GeminiWisdom said...

I love this show, too! My hubby and I started watching in towards the end of Season Three. We wanted to see how it all began so he downloaded seasons 1,2, and part of 3 (the ones we didn't see). We have 4 more to watch in Season 2, but it's great.

My Entourage would probably be the same people as Vince's: friends I've known for, like, ever. People I know and trust.