Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's a new man in my life...

I've been back and forth about wanting an e-reader for quite some time now. When I finally decided to break down and get one, I couldn't decide which one I wanted. I leaned toward the Kindle for a long time and was just about to purchase one when I found out it wasn't backlit. So I finally went with the Nook Color.

OMG, it is amazing. I am so in love and I know that I haven't discovered even half of it's features yet. I love that I can give it to my youngest son and it will actually read a book to him. I broke it in by ordering the latest Kristan Higgins novel, My One and Only. Normally I would have had to wait a few days to get my hands on her new book because we don't have any big bookstores around me. But within seconds on release day, I had it downloaded to my beautiful Nook.

Ah, I'm in love. I know we've talked about e-readers before but they have really exploded over the last few months. Have you purchased one yet? Feel free to share any Nook tips with me!




Laraine Herring said...

LOVE mine! I went with the Kindle because I didn't want the color - I just wanted it to be like a book. But I adore, adore, adore it, and have read more in the 6 months since I bought it than in the 6 months prior. Enjoy!

TinaFerraro said...

I have a Kindle, so no tips to share...but I also have MY ONE AND it's a race to finish it first, Steph! =)

Heather Davis said...

Ooh - nice! I haven't tried an e-reader yet, but you guys all seem to love yours!

1110cg said...

I have a Kindle too, and love it! I have had it for a year and though I have read over a hundred books on it, it hasn't shown any age!

Marley Gibson said...

Yeah Stephanie! Welcome to the world of Nook...which I have, as well. Mine is named Nookie McNookerton and we go everywhere together. Enjoy!! = )

Marley Gibson said...'s a tip...if you're working on a manuscript or critiquing or can put it in the My Documents on the Nook. It's not proprietary. You can also download pdfs and stuff and read them on there, as well. I love the flexibility.

stephhale said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone! I'm especially excited about being able to put critiques and manuscripts on it, Marley.

nymfaux said...

LOVE!!!!--My sis has the new one, I have the original---LOVE!!!

--I went crazy downloading FREE ebooks when I first bought mine--around 600 in two weeks--Basically, anything before the early 1900s is in the public domain, so I started searching for everything I'd ever read in HS or college, and everything I'd ever wanted to read, or ever thought about reading.

--Tip: you can put "Free" into the search bar, and you will come up with free books, but also any book with "free" in the title or author's name

--Better Tip: enter 0.00
--If you're on the BN website, you can use 0.00 in the advanced search, and narrow it down in the categories.
--Also, if you're on a results page on the website, have it organize by price, that'll tell you if there are any free editions available.

--Tip: Free vs. $$
basically, you're paying for extra amenities--in the $$ versions, they usually have a table of contents in the beginning that you can click and hop straight to a certain chapter.
--Not a big deal if you're planning to read the book sequentially ;) and also, you still have the option of scrolling to the particular page you want.
--Where it might be nice to be able to skip around:
-if there are multiple books sold together
-the Bible

Tip: I have found that some older editions of things like Shakespeare, will say "Complete collection," but then when I open the book, it's "volume I" of the complete collection...not that "volume II" isn't out there, but it just depends on if you want to search for it, or if you'd rather just pay for the whole thing.

Tip: on the Color version, adjusting the screen-brightness to a lower level helps the battery last longer
--If you're not using the internet/wifi turning the internet off, or putting it in airplane mode will make the battery last longer

Tip: many libraries are beginning to have ebook options (mine does and I live in the middle of nowhere)--you can download them into MY DOCUMENTS (as Marley said), and don't have to worry about late fines!!! (my library is pretty similar to using netgalley)

Tip: If you use the Lend Me function, the book temporarily disappears from your Nook while the other person is reading it
--But if other family members (or anyone you trust) owns a device (or doesn't mind reading on the computer), you can share an account and share all your books at the same time!

Ok, I'll stop now--Hope this helps, and hope you enjoy it!!!! :D